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Future development cool new features needed updated communication new updates improvement

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jhguy #1 Posted 11 July 2015 - 03:09 AM


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Right, as a devoted player and overall fan of this rather well executed game I still feel that there is room for improvement, nothing major or 'game changing' but enhancements and/or development as you'd say...



Improved communication 

---- so, we have the basics; "affirmative", "negative", "help","attack" (and attacking: so and so, when aimed on enemy)  "capture the base" and "reloading"


As whole they are well used and effective to a extent... However I would love to see it updated to follow like its PC counterpart, with the more shall I say advanced communicative phrases that would help create a more connective and coherent gameplay for your team and platoon. 

Phrases such as ""follow me Mr so and so" , "fall back", "help flank", "hold positions" etc, etc...


( other thing that could be in debate is microphone communication, however I'm still on the fence about this, perhaps only for platoons if it is ever in development,..) 


Also I would love to see a similar feature to the pc version which is a intuitive and communicative map, allowing teammates to plan and develop movement in and around the battlefield thus creating a better sense of involvement for the teams and the increased awareness in terms of terrain usage and potsitioning ....



More advanced settings....

 I feel that the settings for the game is rather restricted and basic, I would love it to allow us to determine what graphics , textures and game quality etc, is needed and preferred since, well sometimes during bad internet connections I would cry for lowering my games requirements for gameplay as it lags and on rare ocasions would shut down...

(my device is just a quirky little iPad mini, nothing too powerful nor too underwhelming)



DON'T add artillery 

For a few people Artillery seems like a cool and intuitive development to add to the game, however I strongly feel that this would add unnessary complexity and strain to the already overpowered acarde styled mobile game.


The maps as well as the team sizes are currently rather small for artillery to be effective and worthy , and that due to the fast paced action of the game artillery would simply be completely unuseful and unsuited to the blitz environment. So for me artillery, would just be absurd and just unhelpful to those who would play them and also to those would will clash with them.



(Just something I personally desire and something that should be in the game)

British tank destroyer tech tree


I see that the German and Russian tech tree are well developed (the American one isn't that far behind as well)

But for me I would love to see more British tank destroyers on the battlefield not just the steel slug that is the AT-15a. I only ask this because of the more developed tech trees of the other nations and that I feel that the quirky yet effective British one is being left behind...



Make the rewards from the missions, well more rewarding!

They seem too little to be that worth it and for me the missions feature is just a novelty add on that I occasionally do to past the time.

But they need to be updated to be just a bit more rewarding and constructive towards the players involvement...


So really these are the features I would like being implemented into the game within this year perhaps....and the feature I would not advice developing

tichno1 #2 Posted 11 July 2015 - 04:07 AM


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Item 5 please, please, please Mr. WG. Missions are not even a novelty to me, simply can't be bothered  with the messing when I'm trying to stay out of the red in battle credits. 

I have a premium account but I am becoming disillusioned, totally, with an unvarying win rate and a decrease in teamwork as individuals pursue their own interests, and I believe missions serve to increase this lack of cohesion.

PREMIUM ACCOUNT SHOULD ENSURE NO NEGATIVE CREDITS. Pay to lose money? I can lose money for free.

Nerijus_z #3 Posted 11 July 2015 - 06:02 AM


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About missions I agree. Recently I got mission "Destroy 3 enemy in a row with one shot, miss, non penetration, or no killing shot break row" or something in tear 8, I got only Centurion 1 with low shot damage around 200. Image how hard to complete this mission "normally". Or I can search and shoot only low hp enemies, if I shot one, next two tanks I shoot should have less than 200hp, so I should not help my team, just see and not shoot, only wait right moment to take final shot, until that my team may be destroyed ;) So skiped this mission imediatly

Mark_VII #4 Posted 11 July 2015 - 09:59 AM


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1...has been suggested in suggestions area and hopefully will come.


2...as far as I know (correct me if wrong!) the device you install on determines the settings. There is a way to bypass this and instead of downloading game (and patches) through AppStore or Andriod Play Store you find the apk file that you need eg. http://blitzworldoftanks.com/apk-wot-blitz-ultra-low-graphics/


3...confirmed (many times!) that artillery wont come


4...next patch British get Churchill Gun Carrier. This (on PC) is the link from tier 5 Heavy (Churchill) to tier 7 TD (AT7). Now why would the Churchill GC be added if TDs were not coming. I expect them by end of this year.



5...the announcement of next patch -

(here is link!)   http://wotblitz.eu/en/news/pc-browser/generalnews/update111-features/

- talks of missions for gold so is an improvement on current situation for me (lets wait and see?)

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