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Base capture points

suggestion base capture

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GoodFood92 #1 Posted 13 July 2016 - 11:06 AM


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From my experience, base capturing is pretty much useless feature. It is rare when a battle ends with a base capture. If, for example, one team has 3 heavy tanks left alive and the other team has some lights and/or meds, then heavies are going to capture the base because they cannot waste time running for the tanks that are obviously faster. However, they are probably wont be able to capture because these lights and meds are going to shoot at the tracks, so even if heavies hide away all their ''weak'' parts, the game is going to end as draw.

What I suggest, is to change the way capturing points work. Let the damage caused to the tank reduce capturing points by the relative percentage of the health points reduction, in other words, if a 2000HP tank capturing base and receives a damage shot for 400HP, then the base capturing points are going to reduce by 20% (as 400 is 20% of 2000).

If there is a number of vehicles capturing, then the damage caused to one of them will reduce base capturing points by the relative reduction of their total health points. So, if 2 tanks, both 2000HP capturing base, then a shot of 400HP at one of them will reduce the base capturing points by 10%.

Critical damage of tracks won't reduce capturing points.

Overall, looking at this mechanic we see that as long as a tank capturing base alive, his capturing points won't get to zero, which is fare in my opinion. Also, heavy and well armored tanks such as T95 or Maus would have much more chances of winning when all or majority of team mates are dead, as well as, in some situation they could be more useful to the team. So, if T95 is capturing the base, there is nothing an opposite team can do, unless critically damage the tracks and go behind it to finish. 

This is just suggestion, I am certainly wrong somewhere, but I want to know who is in favour of these sort of changes? 

BarbierDeTesVilles #2 Posted 13 July 2016 - 05:09 PM

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Pourquoi cette suggestion a t elle été jetée ?




Topic sur la rentabilité des Chars : http://forum.wotblit...alisee/#topmost (les tableaux de résultats sont dans le 3eme post du topic en page 1)

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