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Ph3lan #1 Posted 09 March 2017 - 03:34 PM

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Community Contribu-what?


If you have been around for a while and even if you are brand-new, you have probably already heard of community contributors.


These are dedicated players that enrich our community in a meaningful way. Be it streaming on Twitch.tv, creating YouTube videos, running contests or even just being helpful around the forums, our contributors make our community a better and more exciting place.


For more information, you can consult our FAQ.


Get to know the contributors:

sk8xtrm #2 Posted 14 March 2017 - 12:15 PM

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Hi, my name is Sk8xtrm, I know, I know it’s a weird username so most just go with Sk8. I run a Youtube channel dedicated to World of Tanks Blitz and I am slowly integrating World of Tanks Console content as well as Blitz. My channel features early access content, stupidity, funny and in depth guides, tactics, tips to playing certain tanks and every guide will always contain mastery replays with commentary.


Playing a tank well does not mean you need to be serious… Have fun, enjoy the game! My guides may contain as much detail as I can squeeze in but I will always have a laugh doing it…Skilful stupidity at its finest!


Aside from my gaming passion I am also a huge tank enthusiast, you will find videos of the real tanks on the channel ranging from Bovington Tank Museum to Kubinka Tank Museum and some history behind them explained.


Channel Link: https://www.youtube....sk8xtrmwotblitz


Check out this short channel trailer of what you can expect:



Youtube channel: https://www.youtube....sk8xtrm


unkindest #3 Posted 15 March 2017 - 10:47 AM

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Hello, my name is unkindest, I am a big fan of World of Tanks Blitz hence I run a YouTube channel dedicated to this game where you can find lots of interesting videos, starting from voice-over reviews, early content preview, let's plays, live streams and ending with epic battles replays. You all are very welcome to subscribe, like/dislike videos, leave all sorts comments, ask any questions. Don't keep it in secret from your friends, the Motherland will not forget you!




IrmaBecx #4 Posted 15 March 2017 - 06:14 PM

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My name is IrmaBecx, and I am a Community Contributor for WoT Blitz. I am also Swedish, in my early forties, a student of various social sciences and humanities, and the self proclaimed Tank Philosopher of the official forum. Blitz to me is the perfect game; something like a childhood dream come true. If I had been introduced to the game as an adolescent rather than middle aged, I would likely have spontaneously combusted form sheer excitement.
Most of what I do is on the forum. As a new player I would ask questions and write about different aspects of the game, hoping to gain insight from more experienced players. Later, as I myself became more experienced, I would write reviews, thoughts on playstyle, and otherwise chronicle my journey as a tank commander. I would also issue challenges as a spokesperson for the Löwe Appreciation Society and the “Save the Littlepard” Foundation, which later led to contests and giveaways with actual prizes. These are my ways of giving back to the community that I feel has been so helpful to me initially.
In writing my reviews, I try to move beyond mere numbers and statistics, and try to explore what they really mean in terms of gameplay. It’s easy to say “play to the strengths of the vehicle”; what I want to do is figure out what makes a tank work, explain what these strengths are, and how you should adjust your gameplay to take advantage of them. Likewise, how you can minimise or even negate whatever weaknesses it may have. It can sometimes be a tall order, and I always try to leave my reviews open ended, so that both I and other people can add to them over time.
I have a special place in my heart for quirky, unloved and misunderstood tanks, and I enjoy what I like to call a “challenging drive”. That doesn’t mean I drive “bad tanks” for the sake of it; I’d like to think there is no such thing as a “bad tank”. Some tanks will have some standout feature or otherwise require a higher skill level in order to be successful, and those are the ones I am likely to be drawn to. I want my tanks to have personality.
The official forum is an excellent place to learn about driving tanks, and my aim has always been to contribute to that process of learning. All my threads are tagged with either “tank philosophy” or “irmadrivestanks” for your convenience.
See you on the Forum!


Wat? OMG! IrmaDrivesTanks on Youtube!


The IrmaBecx School of Tank Philosophy

"Allez, bande de singes! Vous voulez vivre pour l'éternité?" - Ferdinand Foch, 8 Sep. 1914

martindogger #5 Posted 15 March 2017 - 08:06 PM

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Hy everybody,


"please make a small introduction to you and your channel" is what I was asked to do. So, let's get this show on the road then to stay in proper Blitz. My name is martindogger, a 34 year old guy from The Netherland. I'm a real tank nerd with a real fascination for Allied vehicles of World War II and then especially, the M4 Sherman. I used to do a lot of scale modelling but am now fully hooked on this addictive game that is Blitz. I could use an M4A3E8 in the tutorial, so that's the tank that I really wanted to get when I started the tech tree first.


I started in December 2014, and later found the forums as place of banter, knowledge, some more banter, wisdom and some banter to finish it all. I enjoyed all the discussions, and from my professional background in education, I started making efforts to pass my knowledge onto other players. I wasn't -  and still am not - the best player you'll find. But I manage fairly well so I decided to some small videos.



I started Load Aim Fire! channel in October 2015 and starting making review of tanks and tutorial on the games. 


The tutorials were dubbed Basic Blitz - basic bits you should be aware of before rolling onto the battlefield. The videos were well received, so I decided to apply for Community Contributor. And apparently WG liked my content too, so I was granted that title, and I still wear it with pride. The videos I'm still very much proud of, is this one. The Centurion Mk I review.



A lot of thought was put into it, it has historical footage and two master gamies. Some people have described it as "must see footage for anybody who wants to drive a medium tank". I'm pretty sure there are more good videos available only, showing how to drive mediums better than I do. But I really appreciate all the feedback people are giving.


Because, knowledge not shared is knowledge lost. So please join the discussion. Subscribe to the channel and to all the other CC in here. 

Cheers all, and happy tanking!

Load Aim Fire! ... my YouTube channel - 5400+ subscribers and counting 

World of Tanks Blitz | World of Tanks Console | generic noobness guaranteed

Check our FB page at www.facebook.com/loadaimfire

Amaunet85 #6 Posted 22 March 2017 - 08:22 AM


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I'm Amaunet85 and like the others above, I'm a community contributor for the EU-server of Blitz. I’ve been happily playing this game since July 2014, and have recently crossed the 20k games bar, which combined makes me a proper Blitz-addict.


Overall though, I spend a lot more time in and on the community than I do in the actual game. First and foremost by organising an event between the clans of the EU-server every month called I.C.E. (Inter-Clan Event), which I recently upgraded to ICE 2.0. The event is basically intended to breed mutual respect and get people to get to know each other better. I believe that knowing each other and respecting each other basically keeps a lot of drama away and helps keep things civil.


Aside from that, I help run my clan’s youtube channel – as we recently rebooted that, it’s still very very tiny, and it’s always been more of a hobby than a serious part of my Blitz-life, so I don’t expect that to grow quickly. My vids are mostly games that are special one way or another (to me in any case), and sometimes I review tanks, in my own special way. I don't upload videos all that often, just whenever I'm in the mood for it and have the time for it, but I still enjoy making them.

Clan Phoenix's YouTube Channel


And I blog.

Not about the whole serious technical side of things, mind you, that’s really not my thing. I’m all about the feely-feely side of things. So I write about my thoughts on matters, about how I experience the game, the tanks and everything related to it, stuff that’s happening either in the game itself or in the community. Anything and everything that comes to mind that I’m inspired to write for. I try to do this weekly, but I'm not too good at it, as it's the first thing I start to neglect when real life becomes too busy.

My entries can be found at https://thedailybounce.net/author/amaunet85/ (and the old entries at: http://www.clan-phoenix.com/blogs )


As for the game itself, there’s a few things that stand out about me. One of those is the way I play. I’m in snipermode 98% of the time (the remaining 2% take place at the beginning and ending of the battle), which is something a lot of people really can’t understand, and makes them assume I’m tunnelvisioning all of the time, which cracks me up.


And the other thing that stands out about me is the fact that I’m a woman (which probably explains the feely-feely-thing). I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that bumps-in-the-front gender is pretty rare in the game. I only know of a few of those, and though when I count them I get to roughly 15-ish or something, that doesn’t quite compare to the roughly 1k men I know in the game, so I consider being female as one of the things that makes me stand out.


Other than that, there’s not much more to say as introduction aside from the general facts. Despite the belief of some, 85 isn't my age, but my birthyear, I live in the Netherlands, and I love ladybirds, am a big Transformers fan, have a cat, am a giant bookworm and collect Starbucks city-mugs.

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