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AMX series and 50B struggles

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Frodo_Nifinger #21 Posted 19 June 2017 - 11:40 AM

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The AMX 50B is still a great tank!

The nerf balanced It's overpowerness, But it still has it bite!

The difference in gameplay is, that you now No longer have the option to pull out, stay out and trade 1 shot for 3 and 1200 HP.

You need to back down a sec to reload! But is is still fast enough to ensure that all 3 shots goes in the same tank most of the time.

The difference is, it takes 1,6 sec longer to offload 1200 HP, thus it is harder to beat the reload of a med with the entire clip.

As an example a fullhealth Leopard 1 meeting a AMX50 B with full clip loading HE, was a certain deathsentence for the Leo.

Now it has a slight chance of trading a shot and run.

Only thing I wished for is the 1,6 sec should be shaved off the clip-reload time, so it can get back in the action a bit earlier!

I dont like the DPM nerf?

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