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Upcoming balance adjustments

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Ghiro70 #381 Posted 08 August 2019 - 09:13 PM


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View PostHablmetForever, on 05 August 2019 - 03:27 PM, said:

You already can change your sights with mods - the platforms you can play Blitz on are kinda iffy about it at the moment and I didn't succeed, though I blame my ineptitude for not reading the manual on that. It's like making an ikea chair without the guide and you end up with a table...

Also, you're actually advocating XVM? That only results in people being focused due to their stats. That would basically mean I, a player with 2200 WN8 would get focused for just being a different color. There is no fun or honor in that...why?
note: you probably wouldn't get focused by anyone considering what blitzstars tells me, cheers :)

EDIT: The KV-2 absolutely deserves the HE nerf. It's played too often and the HE is infamous for going through things it doesn't deserve to go through. Maybe the KV-1S lower glacis is a nice example, or even another KV-2 turret.

so if kv-2 deserves to be nerfed then ALL monster tank deserves the nerf,, for example td russian from tier vii (su152)to tier x (obj268) or Fv215b 183 or Grille15 they should be nerfed or the tanks of hybrid nation for example gravedigger or  Lupus we want to speak about them?, i respect your opinion but i prefer that WG don't nerf kv-2 .as for unicum players, they shouldn't worry too much, first there are no arty and then if they are real phenomena they will be able to take advantage of the battle:playing:,,thanks for your opinion,,have fun:)

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