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The Rogue: The Runaway tank

Short Story Canyon

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Novikov Gravril's  T-34 *Rouge* 


Desertion was not taken highly in the Soviet Union but when a crew of a T-34 was given orders to preform a suicide charge into a heavily armored German Panzer force, They begin to question the experience of their commanders... 

'Comrades this an order, you will charge the fascist dogs with all of your strength! Take out as many of their tanks as possible... Fire until there's nothing to fire... And if there's nothing left then use your tank sacrifice yourself for the glory of the Soviet Union... Sacrifice yourself for Stalin!' The order was heard as Novikov  listened to the rumble of a thousand T-34's. 'Comrade Novikov! Is this it? has all our training come to this? To be used as dispensable stock?' Kramer Vitaliy asked 'Kramer in the eyes of the head of states we are nothing but dispensable stock, as long as Russians keep joining and as long as the Russian war machine keep producing tanks we are fated to that life' Novikov answered as he re-entered the tank 'but it is our duty to lay down our lives for the sake of our motherland... I do not understand this, I've seen them throw soldiers... some young some old into charges with no beneficial affects... It only stalls the Germans but this idea has taken hold and they cling to it like a dog to a bone I fear we've been placed into one of those charges'...


Novikov's T-34 along with thousands continue their advance towards the location of the heavy German Panzer force. It wasn't until sun down when they spotted the Panzer force... 

  'Germans ahead!' The cry called out as the Soviet force came to a halt 'Pz IV's, III's, V's, VI's and some Ferdinand Tank Destroyers' a recon report called in. 'Comrades this is what we've come here for... We will destroy every last one of them! CHARGE!' With this single word the Soviet force was unleashed as thousands of tanks raced towards the enemy...


Shells exploded everywhere as Novikov's T-34 shook form close shell impacts 'Turov! Keep the tank going if we even a lose a small amount of speed they will have us!' he ordered as the T-34 revved even more. Novikov looked out of his sights and watched T-34's crashing into Tiger's, Panther's and Pz IV's suddenly a Tiger began to rotated its turret and followed his tank 'Tiger is aiming for us! Turov faster!' Novikov shouted as the Tiger fired. The T-34 turned sharply as a loud thud knocked him back, the shell had bounced form the sharp turn He watched as another T-34 rammed into it with so much force that the Tiger's gun snapped off and the T-34's sloped hull locked the Tigers hull in place before a shot disabled it from the side...


Novikov regained his senses 'enough of this madness! Turov I want this tank turned around and at full speed! The heads of state are madmen! They are murders of the Russian people, they know nothing! I will not take part in this war and die a poppet! The Motherland was poisoned before the Germans even took a step'  Novikov shouted angrily as his T-34 sped away form the battle 'you just going to leave our comrades to die?' Kramer asked 'they are poppets comrade brainwashed into fighting by propaganda made by Stalin's poisonous government. You know this and I know this so why must we fight like them and play by their rules, We are no longer one of them comrades, now they will hunt us down along with the Germans'... 


      ​Novikov and his crew knew the penalty for desertion but they were no longer considered Russians anymore. They raged war on their own comrades and the Germans taking anything they could use to keep their tank running. They became infamous among the Soviets and German alike, the Soviets called them "Wolves" and the Germans "White Ghost". 


Novikov got out of his T-34 and observed all the dents and bullet holes that riddled their tank, his eyes finally rested on a black inscription that was written on the barrel "Rouge T-34"  a hammer and sickle was painted on one side of the tank and the German flag on the other. 'Comrade we are now enemies of the nation, we can no longer go back to our families or if we have any left to go back too"  Turov said as they entered a small  abandoned building 'Our families are in Gulags comrade, Our selfishness have put them in there, we will join them soon in death... Get the tank into that barn so it is hidden' Novikov replied watching Turov head back to the T-34... 


My first return short story post. 

Hope you will enjoy it, sorry for it being a little bit dark then the usual tone of my sorties. 




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