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Problem with support

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spanish_ranger #1 Posted 03 January 2018 - 01:14 PM

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Hello colleagues, since the Spanish-speaking forum the moderators and the news are banished by decision of WG, with your permission I write here to tell you what is happening to me. From December 21 I have not been able to play qualifying battles with the vehicles that I developed SOLO after the last update, in principle it was the Leopard PT A, I developed it and it was impossible for me to play, I sent the corresponding ticket and the WARGAMING support He answered me, I did what they told me but NOTHING, the problem was still there. I thought the problem was only that particular car but then develop the M103 and spend gold to be able to equip it with all its possible improvements and thus be able to play with it in qualifying battles, SURPRISE, I can not play with it in qualifying either. Sent the corresponding ticket (they are already like 8} they answered me and they made me do several things, among them restart the game (5 times I did it) delete all the cache etc etc among other things, like for example restart the game options, connect and disconnect the supremacy mode, turn on and off the option that I could only play with players who will carry the same control mode as me, TODO ALLUS.Every time I did things and they were not worth anything I sent a ticket saying it, the case is that and on the 28th it was the last day they answered me, I waited to see if they solved the problem, but Nada, ABSOLUTE SILENCE, then the classification battles were a couple of inactive days, in fact I wrote here in this forum yesterday asking about that The fact is that they are now active again BUT MY PROBLEM CONTINUES WITHOUT SOLUTION and without even having an answer about it since last December 28. I am a veteran player, I have another cue nta más, legion_spanish in which I am the leader of the first created Spanish clan, LESL, I am a player who enjoys this game among other things because my profession is intimately linked to the tanks, I spend money on my accounts because I feel like doing it In fact in the two accounts I have since the ancestor year the famous M60 that was a gift of WARGAMING and I do not believe for all this that I tell you that it deserves the treatment I am receiving from them. My question companions: What would you do in my place? Happy New Year

EpicTanker_2015 #2 Posted 15 March 2018 - 10:46 PM


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I would make a big deal about the game on youtube, etc. Dont feed the troll money, feed it regret.
Spend a lot of money on the game Armored Warfare: Assault it is a rival game to this

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