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Quick Tournaments

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Hungry for team battles without long waiting times to register and start actual battles? Assemble your team right in the middle of a tournament and win as many battles as possible. You can participate at least twice in the same tournament and get rewards for both attempts!


Engage in Quick Tournaments on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The first tournament starts February 7. We will announce the conditions shortly.


  • How are Quick Tournaments different?

To perform well in a "classic" tournament, one should assemble a team of players in advance, register the team, polish their tactics, and enter the game together on time. This is a format suitable for large tournaments where sizeable rewards, cups, offline finals, and monetary prizes are at stake.

  • Registration

You can register for a Quick Tournament in advance or even as the battles progress. Assemble a team and join the fray immediately! Registration only closes 30 minutes before.

  • Matchmaking

A Quick Tournament does not have a bracket. Opponents are matched in real time. Twice per tournament, a team can take a time-out of up to 15 minutes.

  • "Lives" and Tours

A Quick Tournament consists of several tours. Their number depends on the settings of each specific tournament.

If a team wins a match, it proceeds to the next tour. Victory in the last tour ends the tournament for the team.

Depending on the settings, a team has several "lives". Upon defeat in a match, the team loses one life and plays the next match in the same tour (it does not move to the next or previous tour).

If a team runs out of "lives", it is eliminated from the tournament.


For now, you will need a clan to participate in Quick Tournaments, but in the future this restriction may be lifted and you will be able to assemble teams of your friends.


  • How does one participate?

A Quick Tournament can be easily identified by its "flaming" icon. If the tournament is already in progress, you will see it in the CURRENT tab of the Tournaments screen. If you are registering in advance, check the FUTURE tab.


If a tournament has a "Your clan enrolled" indicator, you can join the team that has already been created. Find it by clan tag and tap JOIN.


If you are to assemble your own team, tap the PARTICIPATE button, and the registration window will be displayed. Name your team and tap CREATE.


The team management window will be displayed. Here you can:

  • Invite players to the team (online players are marked with a green circle);
  • Add candidates to the team roster (if they applied for the team on their own and not through an invitation);
  • Check player statistics;
  • Remove players;
  • Dismiss the team.

When the tournament begins and the team is assembled, the START BATTLES! button will become available to the team captain. Make sure that all team members are online (all indicators in the clan chat are green and, ideally, all players respond to queries). Then tap START BATTLES!



After some time you will get to the tournament room, and invitations will be sent out to all other participants of the tournament. When the minimum number of players required to start a match is reached in the room, a search for an opposing team will commence. Once the system matches your team against another team, the battle will start automatically.


Have you selected a vehicle and joined the tournament room? Don't forget to tap READY! Otherwise your team will go into battle without you, making it a distressing experience for everyone.


Between matches (not between battles within the same match), the captain will have the PAUSE button available in the tournament room. Tapping on the button suspends matchmaking for up to 15 minutes and gives your team a respite. If everyone is ready to continue, cancel the pause earlier—simply tap START. The pause can be used twice per tournament and only if the system has not found an opposing team yet.



When your team either exhausts its "lives" (defeats) limit or wins in all tours, you will be sent back to the registration screen. If team members still have attempts for participation in the tournament, the START BATTLES! button will launch the matchmaking again.


Attempts—maximum number of registrations of a player for the same tournament. Attempts are deducted if the team wins in every stage of a tournament, is eliminated from the tournament, or the tournament ends half-way and the team played at least one battle in it.

Lives—maximum number of defeats of a team in matches within the same attempt.



Once you finish an attempt, you will see how many times you can still participate in the tournament

If one of the players on a team runs out of attempts, the team will not be able to start battles
Sometime after the tournament ends, the team will be granted prizes for the highest tour, in which it won, within each attempt (registration) separately.
Now you are ready for Quick Tournaments—participate, win, and share your thoughts! Let's battle!

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