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KV-2 Ace Mastery: THE MONSTER OF RASEINIAI (only for peoples with KV-2 but not Aced yet)

Ace Mastery with Raseiniai

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VictorX_gunner #1 Posted 13 May 2018 - 10:42 AM

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Hello guys, yesterday at 00:28 i got finnaly the Mastery in this Monster of Raseiniai, so how to get it is in this History which is may down, the Thumbnails are very, very down 

It was near a city of Raseiniai where Germans had first encountered a unit equipped with the Soviet KV heavy tanks.
2nd Tank Division from Soviet 3rd Mechanised Corps attacked and overran elements of the German 6th Panzer Division on 23 June.
The Germans Panzer 35(t) tanks and antitank weapons were practically ineffective against the Soviet heavy tanks—some of them were out of ammunition, but clashed with and destroyed German antitank guns by literally driving over them.
Attempts to destroy these armoured giants concentrated on first immobilising them by firing at their tracks and then by tackling them with artillery,  AA Guns, or by blowing them up at close range by high explosive charges of the Sticky Bomb type.
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On 23th and 24th June 1941, a single KV-2, tasked with blocking the path in Southern Lithuania, at a crossroads in front of the city of Raseiniai, had managed to cut off elements of the 6th Panzer Division which had established bridgeheads on the Dubysa river. It stalled the Division's advance for a full day.
Germans were in big problems, they lost their entire supply truck column.
Positioned in the middle of the crossroad, this KV-2 had first knocked out the German light tanks, such as Pzkpfw 35(t). As a response Germans brought and mounted the PaK 38 50mm gun, despite hitting the target seven times, the end result was negligible, and the guns were destroyed.
The airstrike was not approved, not for a single tank. The famous 88mm Flak gun was brought to be used. KV-2 was attacked by a variety of antitank weapons, until it finally ran out of ammunition, and was destroyed.
The KV-2A (German designation) appeared during January to February 1940 and mounted a 152mm M –1938/40 L/20 howitzer in a high box turret with all-round traverse, upon the KV-1 hull.
This vehicle was found to be operationally ineffective due to the inability to traverse the turret when on an incline, to provide anti-tank fire and to fire on the move. It was usually fired from stationary and concealed positions.
The 10.8 tonne turret caused an excessively high silhouette of 4.14 meters, as against 2.66 meters for the KV-1. It brought the weight up from 43.5 tonnes to over 51.7 tonnes. The projectiles were those of the corps artillery 152mm howitzers and gun-howitzers.
Two men (for a total of 6) were added to the crew to handle them. The gun had low velocity compared to the M-1937 corps gun of the same calibre, but the Soviets said that the KV-2 proved quite successful against the Mannerheim Line, against which it fired concrete piercing shells.
Since the KVs were produced at the large Kirov plant in Leningrad and were coming out in the later part of 1939, the 2s were ready for use in the late February of 1940 - Steamroller that terminated the Winter War.
If KV-2s were a success in positional warfare assaults, they were a notorious failure in the mobile campaigns fought against the Germans in the summer of 1941.
KV-2s were in action as early as the third day of the German attack (June29) at Soposkinie in Poland.
KV-2B. During 1940 a second model was produced, the KV-2B which had a new turret and wider tracks, being based on the newer KV-1B chassis. The model was taken into service, but showed little improvement over the first version.
A flame-throwing version of the KV-2B was produced in limited numbers.
Several experiments were conducted as well.
During 1943, two experimental variants were developed: KV-2-1 with the 85mm anti-tank gun of the KV-85, and the KV-2-2 with the new 122mm anti-tank gun. Even these models failed to meet the requirement of tank assault gun or self-propelled artillery; no further development of the KV-2 is known to have taken place.
Specifications for the
KV-2 (Kilmenti Voroshilov)
Heavy Tank /Assault Gun

Country of Origin: Soviet Union
Manufacturer: State Factories - Soviet Union
Initial Year of Service: 1940
Production: 255

Crew: 6
Overall Length: 6.79
Width: 3.32m
Height: 3.65m
Weight 51.7 tonnes
Powerplant: 1 x V-2K 12 cylinder diesel engine developing 550 horsepower.
Maximum Speed: 25.6 km/h
Maximum range: 140 km
1 x 152mm M –1938/40 L/20
1 x 7.62mm DT coaxial machine gun
1 x 7.62mm DT machine gun in rear facing position at rear of turret
36 x 152mm projectiles
3,087 x 7.62 ammunition
Armour: up to 110mm


P.S. That's from WoT PC version, not blitz, but it's kv-2's history





P.S. That's from WoT PC version, not blitz, but it's kv-2's history


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I wanna Churchill Gloriana as GuP Collection is Back Event !

Titus_Scato #2 Posted 13 May 2018 - 01:35 PM

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Nice post!


A fun thing to do is to recreate this battle in the Training Room, with a single KV-2 taking on 7 Pzkpfw 35(t)'s.  Canal is a good map for this, lots of cover for the Germans.


The Pzkpfw 35(t) can only penetrate (with APCR) the KV-2 by hitting the driver's viewport or the radio operator's hull machine gun from the front, and from the rear, a narrow strip on the top of the rear hull, or the big square hatch on the back of the turret.  It will take between 25 and 30 such hits to destroy the KV-2.


The KV-2 should only be allowed to carry 7 shells, so it can't afford to miss a shot, and the shells should all be HE.  Also, the KV-2 must be banned from entering the cap circle.


The Germans need superb coordination and teamwork to win this battle, so it would help them massively if they were all using the Discord voice communication app on their devices and headphone microphones.  (And would be much more realistic also, radio voice communications was the biggest advantage the German tankers had over their Soviet opponents in 1941.)


The best way to arrange such a battle is for one clan leader to challenge another.  The fairest way to arrange it is for the most successful clan with the best players to play the German side, and the other clan should pick one of their worst players to drive the KV-2.  This replicates experienced and battle hardened German tank commanders fighting a Soviet commander with little experience. 


Alternatively, (or additionally) the KV-2 player could agree to switch off all markers for enemy vehicles in his HUD, switch off his minimap, and spend the entire game in sniper view - this makes it much, much harder for him to keep track of where the Germans are, even when he's within spotting range of them.  It would be even better if the KV-2 player could record the battle and post it on YouTube, so the German clan members can see that he adhered to the above limitations throughout the battle.

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DukeA1 #3 Posted 19 June 2018 - 04:07 PM


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cool story


edited: i now have uncomplicated this post for the benefit of 'everybody'

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 where hope fails - attention to detail prevails! 

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