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Under Powered tanks.....

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_DeathOnTracks_ #1 Posted 20 May 2018 - 03:49 PM


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This is a problem that plagues the game, under powered tanks, I can name a few, however I think that the most UP tank in the game (tier for tier, obviously) is the Centurion 1, this was my first tier 8 tank, ouch, it made me quit for months, subsequently I think I have the worlds worst WR in it, 40% with nearly 500 games it is my 7th most played tank, (my first tier X was the FV4202, the unbuffed version, 40 KMPH top speed and an 8.5 second reload, hew hew hew) I always struggled, partly because I was face hugging IS-3's, I blamed the tank (LOOOOOL) but having re-purchased the, rather handsome, beastie, I have played some more games in it, it is underpowered, you can call me a noob all you want (bare in mind I got my 45.3% WR to 54.55 in 6 months after not playing it, and some other British tanks.... Ahem Caernarvon *splutters*) but I will always believe that this is a bad tank, it shouldn't be, historically it was a great tank, but apparently not in Blitz, I do however have some suggestions to improve, not make OP, but improve the Centurion 1.


1. The gun, there are many things that could be reworked, 210 alpha could be swapped for the measly 190 to just give it more of a bite! Or simply give it an increase for ROF from going from the Comet to the Centurion I think I cried myself to sleep, the comet is my favourite, I have nearly 1000 games, it's mainly between these two.


2. The less likely options, I'm talking leopard 1 manoeuvrability, just with that 40 KMPH top speed or even raise to 50! (maybe 45) or simply buff the upper plate and armour on the roof of the turret.


Anyway share your opinions, tell me what you think about the Centurion 1, is it just me, and tell me your UP tanks, lets have a good moan!


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EndToast_LOCA #2 Posted 20 May 2018 - 04:40 PM

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I would not call it UP, it is just...."meh". When you have to face several russki tanks, especially IS series and 150mm and bigger guns, you might feel it is under-powered. Meta of this game has really changed and many tanks just cannot output more damage or do their job as they used to do and unfortunately, Centurion belongs there.

1OOJA #3 Posted 20 May 2018 - 11:45 PM


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s t u r e r  e m i l .


Wildoneshelper #4 Posted 23 May 2018 - 01:06 PM


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Oh dear, Centurion I for me is one of the best tier 8 tanks. This tank is powerful only if you found the right spots (ridgelines for hull down). Ridgefighting is OP for Centurion I with its trollish turret armor but cannot be fully relied on, so you have to keep moving back and forth to make it difficult for enemies to shoot on the weak spots. Fortunately, Centurion I is a pretty accurate and stable tank, so even if you move back and forth, your aiming reticle won't suddenly expand and you are still very accurate on the move. Do not fight on flat lands (good luck in Himmelsdorf) and flanking techniques are the prerequisites for driving this tank. The penetration and the turret are what make Centurion powerful (imagine you are like one of the few mediums that could penetrate IS-3 frontal armor however that tank angles!). DPM numbers may feel low, but indeed they are higher than most mediums.


It would be a great idea to buff Centurion I since I would re-buy it and show how OP it would be after buffing. :trollface: And buffing Caernarvon would be amazing since for me it would be the best of the best tier 8. :trollface::trollface:

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Mjr_Eazy #5 Posted 23 May 2018 - 06:38 PM

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AT-2 I cannot get the bloody thing to work!



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