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1/2 hour to leave ebay feedback! AM I IN HELL!

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DukeA1 #1 Posted 13 June 2018 - 10:11 PM


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I just noticed.


If you buy 100 items on ebay. Theres a good chance leaving feedback will take atleast hours !




It used to be a 1 - click! ( you'd write out the nonsense in the fields and hit done apply - not anymore! ) you used to type in your comment and 1 button apply feedback,


If I buy 100 things - why am I being punished for it!






I'm not drilling up random things. I really was just on there doing the weekly shopping. 


You dont want to know what a 'out of supplies' day looks like. It's not pretty.


Feel free to call me tin hat ( twice in 6 months now) , where I'm the only one making any sense, you'll have to live with 'saying dumb things that make no sense'. Theres no edit button for just proving you know nothing about how life works.




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