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Blitz Economics - 35% Savings Part 2 - Amazon App store for all, even PC (except apple)

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stubbo66 #1 Posted 04 August 2018 - 11:44 AM

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Well, this is part 2 following the great reception of my last article regarding the Amazon App Store and Blitz.


In the first article I described in detail how I discovered the Amazon App store on my Fire HD device was not only 20% cheaper for in-game purchases than the apple and google game stores, but that Amazon lets you pre-buy coins with another 22% discount giving you a total compound discount of 35% off of everything you buy in Blitz.


This second article takes that further and explains where and how you can run the Amazon App store on many types of devices to allow you to get the discounts, while still playing the game on your favorite device. No need to rush out and buy a Fire tablet!


Firstly a quick word of thanks to SinFFX1 who prompted me to look further into this, and also proved the app store worked on PC as well.


So here goes part 2....


So in part 1 http://forum.wotblitz.eu/index.php?/topic/49831-blitz-economics-save-roughly-35-on-every-in-game-purchase-not-a-scam/ we found out how the 35% savings work.


This magic is all down to Amazon and the fact they only take an 11.75% cut of an in-app games takings, unlike google, apple, steam and everyone else with an app store that takes the industry standard 30% cut. That saves you around 20-25% on the in-app purchases.


To get it up to 35% you need to use Amazon coins to buy the content in game....why is that? Well, like gift cards, Amazon lets you pre-pay for your in-app purchases. But here's the real bonus, the more you spend, the more you actually save. So unlike a regular gift card, you pay £10 you get a gift card valued at £10, with Amazon coins, you pay £8.70 and you get £10 worth of coins. That's a 13% saving, but you can get bigger savings by buying larger quantities of coins. So currently you can get 10,000 coins for £84 (a 16% saving).


Now these savings fluctuate, and I'm not sure exactly why yet, but I'll investigate that in another article. I have seen savings as much as 20% on the 10,000 cion bundle. Euros currently save 19%, dollars currently save 18%, Australian dollars save 20%.


This is all great but wasn't quite so great if you had to buy an Amazon Fire tablet to get access to the coins to pay for things in Blitz. This is where the beauty of Android comes in to play, and the reason for this second article.


The Amazon App store is itself an app you can install on any Android device. And most importantly, the app store you install blitz from uses the payment systems linked to the app store you installed it from.


Now Amazon makes things really easy here. Simply go to the following link from any Android device, and follow the instructions to download and install the app store.




If you are on a google device, you may have to change a security setting to download the amazon app store as it isn't being served from the google app store. That should be quite safe and secure (it is Amazon after all), and once you have finished downloading and installing the App Store and Blitz from it, then you can turn that back on again. But it's important you know it's doing this, and if you're not comfortable then don't do it.


So you have installed the app store, now if you already have blitz installed on the device, you are going to need to uninstall it. You can't have two copies of it installed linked to two different app stores.


Once uninstalled (if you needed to) you can now download Blitz again from the Amazon app store. Very easy and simple to do.


After the game installs, just run it as normal, log in, and enjoy the savings....it's as simple as that.


Now, for PC players, you don't need to miss out on all this fun either, we've got you covered. There are many Android emulators out there on the web, but I downloaded Bluestacks from http://www.bluestacks.com


Once installed, it is just like having a tablet on your PC screen, except you use the mouse instead of your fingers.


You will need to install chrome first from its app store, then follow the process above to install the Amazon App store, and then finally Blitz.


Now PC owners too can enjoy the bonus of 35% savings on everything purchased in the game.

Titus_Scato #2 Posted 04 August 2018 - 11:57 AM

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Thanks very much, stubbo!

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