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Kv-2 line or kv-1s?

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Fuhrehul #1 Posted 23 November 2018 - 01:19 PM


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I need to choose, kv-2 or kv-1s, some details about this two tanks and this two lines? Thank you ❤️

Mjr_Eazy #2 Posted 24 November 2018 - 08:37 AM

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I went kv-1s route, I found IS-3 and 8 very good, strong bouncy armour, guns a bit erratic though, bounce or miss when you don’t expect it but overall very good tanks.  I haven’t gone other line yet, I have KV-5 and it put me off that line.

A lot of people moan about IS spam but if you’re not experienced at tiers ix or x then they seem the best tanks as good all round - armour, dmg, mobility etc and of course you have stalinium protection and soviet bias to help in either line...



Tijgerhaai_XIV #3 Posted 24 November 2018 - 09:12 AM

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I prefer the super heavies, though not reached IS8 yet. You have to use the KV's armour, the IS armour just seems too troll to me, bounces too random. KV4 is a thing of beauty, like a metal brick :P


filmin #4 Posted 15 December 2018 - 02:13 PM


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So, if u want to go KV-2 u must remember to don't show your front armour because ur ded then, u will need here to do sidescrape all line up to tier X. Through if u resarch KV-2 u have this tank great seal clubber if u like killing unexperienced players ( even rest of line can be great in doing it). Guns are weak at begining so u would like to get some experience in shoting weakspots on enemy players. Beyond KV-4 guns get more powerfull and tanks are good at reflecting bullets . In this line you drive some kinds of superheavy tanks. So:

  1.  KV-2 line is well armoured ( especialy on high tiers).
  2. Good at doing sidescrape, but have to protect front armour.
  3. Weak pen guns, so u will need some experience playing them.
  4. LOW mobility. U will have to plan where u will go and fight.
  5. No single player. Here u will need teamplayers to win. U won't win alone remember it.


About KV-1S line it's good at attack. At begining u will need to protect frontal armour, but when u research IS-3 the fun begins. Here u will get a powerfull 122mm gun (which is legendary i think). this line is more mobile than KV-2 line, but have weaker sides, so sidescrape can be smaller efficient here. Tanks from this line have chances to win alone, but not against 3 or more enemies at one time. So again:

  1. Those tanks aren't as well armoured like KV-2 line.
  2. Can ( or must ) face enemy with front armour, but be carefull, no HE proof.
  3. Stronk guns with high pen will make stalin be proud of u.
  4. Good ( for heavies ) mobility, so u can change position adequate to battle.
  5. Can play alone, but team will be needed anyway.


From my side i would choose KV-2 line because of derp gun. I'm from poland so i could do some writting mistakes


Did I helped u?

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