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IS-2Sh. Dreams come true!

is-2sh tier viii russian bias actually difficult to play

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Do you like the IS-2Sh?

  1. Yes, I like the tank. (6 votes [66.67%])

    Percentage of vote: 66.67%

  2. No, I don't like the tank. (3 votes [33.33%])

    Percentage of vote: 33.33%

Is the tank more difficult to play than the standard IS-series tank?

  1. Yes, the tank is harder to play than the 5/6/3/3D/112-2 etc... (7 votes [77.78%])

    Percentage of vote: 77.78%

  2. No, it's not much harder than the standard IS tank. (2 votes [22.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.22%

Was it worth the initial event grind/purchase?

  1. Yes, it's a tank that was worth the work. (5 votes [55.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 55.56%

  2. No, there's better tanks to get than this. (4 votes [44.44%])

    Percentage of vote: 44.44%

If you were to buff something about it, what would you buff?

  1. Gun - dispersion, ROF, depression etc. (6 votes [42.86%])

    Percentage of vote: 42.86%

  2. Armor - thickness, HP, module health etc. (5 votes [35.71%])

    Percentage of vote: 35.71%

  3. Mobility - traverse, top speed, terrain resistance etc. (3 votes [21.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 21.43%

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HablmetForever #1 Posted 01 February 2019 - 08:42 PM

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Hey, my name is Hab and this is my quick and relatively small guide to the IS-2Sh, a tank I believe doesn't get enough recognition for a tank that it is. I was thinking about this when I was in the shower, and thought: Is the tank unique? And I can say that it sure is. It's definitely a good tank, but it's definitely quite surprising because you can't play this one as a typical IS tank at tier VIII. I was very close to getting it when it came out in the event, but I had to do something and as such I lost the last precious two hours I had for the tank. But hey, I've gotten it on Black Friday last year (thanks to meadsy, the grub) and while I was terrible with it when I started it, I have gotten better since. Anyways, let's just get right to it.

Gun. Typical, yet not typical

The gun is probably the worst characteristic on any IS-series tank. It is typically inaccurate, 0.389 dispersion. That is...actually dreadful. Only the IS-3 has better accuracy out of all of these tanks, even including Chinese 122mm guns. But there's a few small things that the 2Sh has an advantage over these tanks. Mainly, the most noticeable thing is the gun depression. Seven degrees. That's pretty good for a ruski tank, but it also has the best aim time of them all - with all of the good stuff you can get it down to two seconds. Not bad at all. But there's a slight problem with the gun depression. While it's a fairly good value, the turret is rear-mounted. This makes it effectively lower since you need to poke out more with the tank, which is not a necessarily good thing, like I'm going to explain in the next segment.

Armor. You gotta work!

The thinking man's IS-3 has pretty weird armor for what it is. You'd expect a spearhead capable of some trollish bounces, but you'd be mistaken. This thing has only a sloped front, just like the normal IS-2. But I consider this a good thing? Why? It makes you think. It is more flexible. It punishes you harder for mistakes. I run the tank with enhanced armor for a reason, too. While the armor is decent on paper, you absolutely have to work the armor to get that Steel Wall bread. The lower glacis is pretty massive, not gonna lie, and while the upper glacis and the turret definitely can bounce a lot of shots, you should work the armor to maximize the chance of the enemy bouncing. Wiggle. Move backwards and forwards. Just don't show your lower glacis. And probably the best thing you can do with this tank is to sidescrape, and sidescrape hard. Just not too hard. While your side armor is decent, overangling makes you lose all advantages - and probably your fuel tanks, too. You should mainly remember good sidescraping spots on maps, and if you have the opportunity to use one, absolutely do so. And since your turret is at the rear, you can either reverse sidescrape or shoot with minimal risk of getting hit. Pretty neat, and that's why I like the tank much more than the IS-5.

Mobility. Take a seat

While the mobility isn't all that impressive, it definitely gets you places, especially for a tank like this. 42km/h is pretty good, but the engine isn't strong enough so you can't achieve that often. It also feels a bit less mobile than the IS-5, mainly because it also has worse effective horsepower compared to the clan wars tank. And this might surprise you, but the turret can actually keep up with a lot of tanks that try to COD you. Just make sure that doesn't happen, because once they get past your frontal armor, your side armor and rear armor is a trivial case of penetration.

Grand finale. Good but tough?

Well, that about wraps it up for the quick guide. I have a terrible headache, so I'm not capable of making it longer and as such I'll have to make it a bit shorter. But I believe I got some of the good points of the tank described rather well. Keep mastering the act of angling and sidescraping, and you'll bounce shots for days. Also clan recruitment is tough so my guides will probably come at a slower rate.


  • Quite decent mobility.
  • Rear-mounted turret allows for some bias and magic to unfold.
  • Quite good armor when utilized properly.
  • Very nice credit coefficient (175%!) 


  • Rather shoddy Russian gun.
  • Relatively low-ish HP for the tier.
  • Not too easy to play well imo.
  • The legendary camo is out of my grasp!

_FREE__SQU1RREL_ #2 Posted 04 February 2019 - 12:37 PM

    Senior Sergeant

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Do you like the IS-2Sh?

- yes i do, i personally dont have the tank in my garage but i had the chance to play it and i was satisfied with my experience


Is the tank more difficult to play than the standard IS-series tank?

- in my opinion yes, it doesnt have a pike nose and frontal armor is much weaker than the other tier8 IS tanks but it is good at sidescrapping and the armor overall is more rewarding for playing right instead of hoping to bounce shots with trollish armors of other IS tanks. The gun also felt more accurate than IS-6 and IS-5 gun i think it has better aim time than these two.


Was it worth the initial event grind/purchase? 

- sadly i couldnt play during its event but i wish i had the tank, it is a different tank, different taste


If you were to buff something about it, what would you buff?

- i think i would buff the gun a bit by reducing dispersion on the move and on turret traverse and maybe base dispersion as well, it would be a more gun reliant tank unlike other IS tanks and that would make it more unique




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fire_Angel_1 #3 Posted 20 February 2019 - 08:35 AM


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This tank is one of the coolest in game!!! (personal opinion)
I bought it before 3 months, and can tell for most cases is  pretty hard to play with it... 
My biggest drawback is to protect side arrmor penetration, in most cases enemy tank needs to move 1m more to the side in order to pen.  it, no treverse speed or enough side armor to protect :( 

Also as an example:
T34 american tan can pen you all day at an angle of 178 degrees to the side armor (side scraping, 4 shots taken below the turret with broken track and 100% sure for degrees!)

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