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AMX ELC Bis: Pick one up!

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The_noble_Prinz #1 Posted 19 February 2019 - 12:50 AM

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Prinz's take on the tier V French light tank review

Sort History: The ELC is a prototype light tank launched by the French Ministry of Defense in 1955 and was developed in 1957-1961, the goal was to produce am air transportable tank for the French airborne troops to help engage enemy tanks. Only one prototype was made. The tank used a 90mm and could traverse the turret 360 degrees when not moving. 


Armor: The ELC by design was made to be light as possible so armor is pointless on this tank. The only armor this tank has is to not get hit. (I would display the armor performance in each tier form Blitz Hanger but I'm using a crummy old laptop that can't run the Blitz hanger website).


How the ELC stacks up to other tier V light tanks.







Tactics No.1 : The try hard mode. This consists of finding a bush and abusing light tank camo to spot and bush snipe or switching from active scouting to passive scouting. Good for wanting to carry your team and when you find yourself in tier VI games with big derp tanks or you're the last tank alive situations.


Tactic No.2: The Shot gun mode. Just relax and enjoy yourself. This consists of going full throttle towards a chosen target and plating a shot.  Personally this how I play the tank and all my equipment is geared for this. 



   Slot 1 Tier 1 is Calibrated Shells for extra pen 

Slot 2 Tier 1 is Improve Modules to help reduce damage to modules.

 Slot 3 Tier 1 is Improved Optics to help with active spotting during the Shot gun mode.

Slot 1 Tier 2 is Enhanced Gun Laying Drive to help with any sudden stops.

Slot 2 Tier 2 is Improved Assembly just to help with HP as Enhanced Armor is pointless on a tank with no armor. 

Slot 3 Tier 2  is Engine Accelerator to allow me to hit top speed quicker and with maneuverability.

 Slot 1 Tier 3 is V-Stabs to help with on the move shots 

Slot 2 Tier 3 is Enhanced Tracks due to Shot gunning players I take a lot of hits to the track so this helps a little with shots that don't crit my tracks. 

Slot 3 Tier 3 is Consumable Delivery System to help quicken my consumable cool down. 


Consumables I use. 


Provisions I use.

And the crew skills I am training to use. 


The best part is I can switch between the two tactics depending on how the battle progresses. But please share how you run your ELC here as well. 

Grind Path I took: 

1. Top Gun stock gun is't fun

2. Top engine

3. Top tracks 

Some hits you can use:

1. Grind against tanks you are small most tanks won't have gun depression to hit you and also grind against low profile case mated TDs.

2. Like the BT-7A you need to get as close as possible so you wont miss the shot before you speed off into the distance.

3. Avoid destructible objects as much as you can. Nothing spells disaster then you going full speed and suddenly losing it when you hit an object.    


 Overall the AMX ELC Bis is fun even after the low tier re work and a great tank to pick up if you want to relax and enjoy some games. The tank sits in the golden tier where it fights tier IV, V and VI  tanks but the ELC can preform fantastically in each those tiers provided that you exercise some caution in tier VI games. But shot gunning is still fun.   


This is my first review and any tips is welcomed like any websites I can use for armor or how can I understand tank stats so I can compare tanks. 

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Mjr_Eazy #2 Posted 19 February 2019 - 07:42 AM

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Nice one m8, good review, I run mine with exact same set up except I use improved control on tier 2 slot 3, I use the engine power boost consumable if I need to accelerate fast, as post nerf I think it needs help with traverse...

It is a fun tank but nowhere near as good as it used to be, the nerf ruined it in tier vi IMHO...

I would also add a note of caution as whilst I agree everyone should have an ELeCtric Biscuit in their lives at some point, It is a very hard tank to drive well.



HablmetForever #3 Posted 20 February 2019 - 09:19 PM

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Neat. Maybe I should play the ELC one day again...just love the T-44 too much right now.

_AdrianT_ #4 Posted 20 February 2019 - 09:56 PM


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Elc is fun but 12t is better since elc was nerfed...



The_noble_Prinz #5 Posted 20 February 2019 - 11:44 PM

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Edit: I put some stats of other light tanks to compare them with the ELC in as well.


 "Then, it's my turn to taste you now"- Prinz Eugen AL 

Survived two years of Blitz.  

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