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Open Test of the new armor highlighting system

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Pan__H0SH3k #41 Posted 24 March 2019 - 04:11 PM


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New highlighting system is the worst idea ever dont dont change something good...

EndToast_LOCA #42 Posted 24 March 2019 - 05:43 PM

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View PostCrazyTactics, on 24 March 2019 - 04:20 PM, said:

Hi all. 

How do I apply for open tests, is there an email etc?


with thanks




See posts above, you cannot anymore.

The_Mighty_Wombat #43 Posted 25 March 2019 - 07:58 AM

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Where is best place to leave feedback from the test?

gallabru #44 Posted 25 March 2019 - 12:15 PM

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Does anyone have something different from teams with 2-3 Eastern countries speaking only guys just wanting to finish the battle as fast as possible ?

My team stats in real time  : http://forum.wotblit...ats-repository/

Carlsberg clan family is recruiting. Contact us.

inciter_EU #45 Posted 25 March 2019 - 01:28 PM

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View PostThe_Mighty_Wombat, on 25 March 2019 - 10:58 AM, said:

Where is best place to leave feedback from the test?


This topic :)

I_AMADEUS_I #46 Posted 25 March 2019 - 01:53 PM

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1-) Just imagine that you have a company and of course a product. If you're triyng to turn your good project to excellent the most illogical way must be to removing/disrupting the sides which makes it good already.


If I would talk as a veteran who is affected negatively in all battles and swears to it, I'd say that one of the best things which makes this game great is RNG. This is the differance enjoyable side of this beautiful game. Penetration and/or other mechanics which is dependent on RNG is excellently perfect and balanced right now.


In the end according to my personal opinion, all the numbers and mechanics about RNG in this game must stay as they are: For sure if you want this beautiful game remains as it is.


2-) Just again, imagine that you have a company and you are sometimes trying to having some feedbacks from your customers. Which one would be valuable for you: the feedbacks of your new customers, or the ones who loves your product, pays for it a lot of time and try to make it better. 


Sure the logic says that the feedbacks of these "loyal" customers would be more valuable.


As I always said and discussed in the forum with the other players, the complaints about the FV 215b 183 of the "newbie" player who spent nothing on this game (neither time, nor money) was always rubbish. And the reason of these complaint are:


1-) Deathstar is one of hardest tanks to grind and get in the game.( That's why they never complaint about the KV-2 SU-152 etc.)

2-) The huge ignorance and noobness(according the in game phrase) is the reason which they sometimes have problem w/ the enemy Deathstars. 

3-) If I talk as a good player of this game, I can say that the Deathstar before the nerf was one of the most difficult and knowledge-need tank in tier 10.


But you make the wrong choise and listen them instead of us who loves and supports ur game/company and try to make both them better.


Now please, think logical, make your plans and pay attention of our  (the players' which can be named as "loyal" and "veteran". And want to play this beautiful game till the day which mankind stop using the devices of the era we live in now like tablets, mobile phones and PCs) feedbacks. 


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IngloriousMustard #47 Posted 25 March 2019 - 02:02 PM


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I think there are lots of other things to focus to make gameplay experience more comfortable/enjoyable.RNG is in the ideal level and also the thing holds it back from kicking the bucket.

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M0RN1NG574R #48 Posted 25 March 2019 - 02:20 PM


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My test account has no gold/credit/freexp, and non of my tanks. After i logged in, i had to do the tutorial than got a 0 battle account with tier1-2. 


The_Mighty_Wombat #49 Posted 25 March 2019 - 02:58 PM

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Test feeback.

I have tested a majority of the TierX tanks. There is not enough players to test anything tier8 or bellow.



In general the hitskin felt the same as it currently is for most tanks. Shooting red areas resulted in no damage and grey areas with damage. Most tanks displayed these two areas with the heavies showing the yellow possible pen zones the most.

Shooting the yellow zones resulted in a mix of pens and no pens and was a good indicator that the area was just a chance and switching to Gold-ammo may be better.

These yellow areas were viewed more when driving medium tanks that have less pen as standard.


A possible change is to make the yellow area more orange as I sometimes would need to look at my ammo to see if I had loaded HE/Hesh style ammo. This was most annoying when finishing low HP targets that a HE splash would kill yet I fired AP and didnt pen.


Overall the hitskin was an improvement.


Penetration changes to -5/+5%:

 Driving heavy tanks and TDs this change was not so noticable as these tanks usually have good penetration values on standard ammo with even better on Gold-ammo. The guns felt very similar with minimum notice to loss of pen.

Mediums felt this change the most. This is where the hitskin changes were used more as many heavily armored target were hard to pen weak points. Medium tanks may need to use more Gold-ammo due to this.

Due to this, some heavily armored tanks felt like they they took less damage from mediums.


Lower pen guns felt slightly nerfed with this change.

Heavily armored tanks felt slightly buffed with this change.

Possible concern is lower tiers where the pen values are very close to the armor values.

If implemented:

- the ammo loadout area should change to reflect values with calibrated shells.

- damage output and gold-ammo use may be effected and change balance of tanks and credit earnings.


Question: Will the crew perk “Penetration Boost” be maintained at current rate?

I hope that it is maintained as its helps when you make the “pray to RNG” shots and they do damage.



The changes felt ok with a more consistant display of areas and the pen chances of these areas.

The penetration felt more consistant between shots and between games. This was good for the strong guns but could provide concerns for guns that have penetration values very close to the effective armor thicknesses of the tanks they fight.

These changes I believe to be more on the positive side but tank balance could be thrown off and needs to be monitored.

Gallgyerekugye #50 Posted 26 March 2019 - 10:47 AM


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I totally agree with The_Mighty_Wombat. I played with almost every available tanks. Sorry about the postponed start. I think a lot of players didn't participated because of the lack of information. I suggest post in Facebook news the next time. From Hungary i know 6-7 tankers who join the test. With more official information I'm sure there will be enough player. Keep up the good work.

Neos81 #51 Posted 26 March 2019 - 11:29 AM


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Hello everybody,
I was able to do some random battles like battles in the practice room.

The new Penetrations indicator is well implemented but I noticed that in dark yellow almost no shots have penetrated, in bright yellow it was about 50% of the shots.

For some tank models, for example VK 72.01 (K), upstanding panels or the ring between shell and tower are displayed as penetratable, which were not penetratable.
This can cause confusion for inexperienced players.

What I do not understand is the difference between dark and bright yellow.
At HE, the whole thing is understandable, but an AP or APCR do not work the same as HE, so what's the point behind that there are two yellows?

The new system is certainly an advantage for Meds and Light because you can see better where I can penetrate Heavys.

The RNG is always a point of contention, I think you can reduce the Penetration RNG to +/- 5% or +/- 10%, but I would not remove it.

The game also lives on the coincidences and the RNG is less frustration for me than Ghostshells or a Death Star.

A few words about the Open Test,
You get the feeling many people only take part in this test to play the Death Star.
This is my second participation in an open test and as there are usually not enough people available for random you go to a training room.
In the training rooms you can always find a place to play a 7 vs 7, but there are always 3,4 or 5 death stars, which is not really effective.

One should lock such tanks in the tests unless it is a specific test

greetings from Switzerland

_CYB3R_GHOST_ #52 Posted 26 March 2019 - 04:46 PM


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İ think new system is very good. Also noobs can play better. 

minitelrose #53 Posted 26 March 2019 - 07:15 PM

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here is my opinion 




— the +-5rng is not an improvement.

  1. The main issue is latency. The game has ping, lag and other latencies. It’s already a major complain. Players don’t understand the People shoot in areas of 80% pen chances and it may land nearby  in areas of 20% pen chances. But now however they will shoot in 100% and it will land somewhere else, I aspect huge rage and cheat claims. 

RNG change is bad 

So overall I don’t think +-5 rng will improve the game. We already have +-15, which barely leaves any place on a tank with uncertainty. Having chances allows for low pen tank to sill hope for a good shot, and it allows not perfectly aimed shots, to still hold a chance of a reward. I remember playing the old version of IS-6 and it was a combination of both...u had good and bad surprise with every shot. 

The opposite will be on/off, and will lead to more raging when it doesn’t pen because there will be absolutely zero reason for a shot not penning anymore. 





— the new hitskin might be an improvement.

  1. the risk of being confused between AP/APCR and  HE/HESH. It needs another set of colors depending on ammo.
  2. the question of reliability with the equipments ( enhanced armor and calibrated shells)
  3. the question of parts that aren’t displayed ( spaced armor, tracks, gun, decorative toolboxes and spare wheels and such)
  4. It shows exactly the armor and where to shoot, which can be considered good for players with low skills or experience.
  5. but it makes armor useless because people know exactly where to shoot. Then what is the point of said armor ? What is the shelf life of the game if it doesn’t take time to learn ? Why driving a heavy since every shell is now supposed to pen ? Isn’t the whole role of a heavy supposed to bait shots from the enemy, leaving them unloaded and exposed, and saving your friends ? I suspect this can lead to a complete change in meta and gameplay, in magnitude that aren’t fully measured. This point in itself holds some good but mostly some bad. Making armor potentially useless is a serious issue in the gameplay, IMO.
  6. Understanding that low tiers are for learning and getting the taste of the game, this becomes more of an issue in higher tiers, where people are competitive, we will see a return of  teams made of 6 obj140 ? I have bad memories of those times. Gameplay was hectic, but repetitive. At tier 10, only the fastest tanks which hull down capabilities could be played. Everything else was unplayable.


Hitskin change has some good and some big danger.

And overall the new hitskin might be an improvement, but it will be far from solving all issues, and in fact might make playing the game in high tiers completely different from ever before. so here is my suggestion, and I know this won’t have the favors from the devs... but IMO for such a hitskin to really be an improvement, I suggest that the new hitskin decreases in opacity with every tier up, so if you drive a tier 1 it covers the tank, and if you drive a tier9, in your sniper view it’s barely visible, 10% opacity. If u drive a tier10 then it’s absolutely invisible, and you really need to know what you are doing. If you have played enough tier 9, you should have seen enough of the tier10 tanks to know where to shoot by the time you go up to the last tier. Why the new hitskin is okay in lower tiers ? It’s a place for learning. The tech tree has been trimmed so much, the balance between tank lines isn’t as much of an issue. Why it breaks the game at high tier ? It negates all armor and makes half of the tech tree useless. 

So why a progressive solution ? It allows to help the new players out in low and middle tiers, while not breaking the game balance completely in middle to higher tiers.



Now of course, I have the opinion of an “advanced player” and I can be accused of being an elitist who doesn’t want tew players in tier 10. The opinion of a new players could be that anyone should be able to play tier 10. I disagree. First of all most long time players appreciate complex, elaborate gameplay, and they should have a space or they will complain (and they already do). Also, it’s not forbidding newer players to play upper tiers but the difficulty is not really lin the hitskin it is in the gameplay, the tank roles, the more dangerous guns at high tiers. The difficulty is mostly invisible. By making the hitskin so faint, it will show that the game is difficult, and it will give a better sense of the progression and expectations. Finally, playing tier10 will be much more rewarding for both old players and new players. It will feel more an achievement,.

it will also restore something that was lost with the recent tech tree trimming and low tiers nerf. Before, pretty much each tier was a different game. Different sets of players where inhabiting these tiers and the level of difficulty and flavor would adress différent needs. Nowadays it feels like nah sort of players play any sort of tiers. It all becomes bland and uninteresting. My proposal would finally make each tier more demanding and more rewardfull.  



i admit I didn’t participate in the test. I read reviews by cc, discussed with very good players testing, and watched a lot of YouTube. Maybe some of these points have been addressed but I haven’t seen them yet.

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Read my guides there

"I want the game to be just how it was launched, no MM limitations for platoons, some unbalanced match once in a while, and friendly fire should come back as well. The only thing they should remove is statistics." -phony1907, 08 July 2016, 05:45pm - 

I want just that, and replay files.


The_Mighty_Wombat #54 Posted 26 March 2019 - 09:03 PM

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Reply to Minitelrose. Quote would be too big.

RNG- lag will be an issue and always has. Shots have always had dispersion too. This is just part of the game and not a reason to change the pen rng.

I see a few low pen roll shots into “weak” spots that do no damage already. The drop in pen will make the new hitskin system more clear. There is enough other rng in the game, so this will help give shots some consistancy so when you do land the shot then its most likely to pen.

We still have the crew perk “penetration boost” that showed as 100-115% pen. This still allows the shots to pen. So now we have less low rolls and similar chances on the bonus high roll.


Hit skin.

The use of the same colour was a confusing issue. This needs to be different. 

The hitskin doesnt kill armor and made some tanks look more intimidating as they became all red and yellow. No false hope.

If it wasnt for the yellow shades then most of the games were very similar to now.

The armor is still there and you can see the weak points but trying to land the shot without being hit in return is the challenge.

I was in E50M and shooting into an E100. Two shots into lower plate (yellow) for no damage and two shots at weak turret view ports one miss and one pen but I took a hit in return. 1/4 shots did damage and was less damage then he hit me back.

I had to switch to Gold-ammo to get the extra pen needed to reliably damage him.

I think the current hitskin gives too many false pen areas then the one on test server.


With the new hit skin and narrower spread on penetration rng, they should be able to balance this easier. No doubt there will be a shift in the meta again and some tanks will feel buffed and nerfed but its definately not gamebreaking.


inciter_EU #55 Posted 28 March 2019 - 08:30 AM

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We've finished testing the revamped armor highlighting system and reduced spread of penetration value. Your feedback helped us identify pros and cons for the new highlighting system. It's clear now that it needs improvements, so it won't be added soon. At the same time, ±5% penetration value was recieved well, so we'll keep working on this feature. Thanks for your opinions!

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