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Type 58. The Middle Man

type 58 tier vi chinese medium pretty decent actually

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HablmetForever #1 Posted 30 March 2019 - 03:01 PM

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Hey guys, my name is Hab and this is the Type 58, something I like to call a middle-man of the tier and the breaking point of the Chinese tech tree. This one is gonna be a tiny bit different, since I really have no idea how to tell you how to play it, as a mix of medium play works perfectly well for it.

Introduction. Disappointing?

Despite what others say, I don't think the Type 58 is a disappointing tank. It's actually quite a decent tank on its own, and can shake hands with the standard T-34-85. It's quite a decent medium, although it probably isn't all that special compared to other tier VI mediums, like the VK 30.01 P, Firefly (yes, really) and the Cromwell. From there you have a breaking point of what to research. Will you get the fairly lackluster IS-2 to get to the quite good WZ-110, or will you take the T-34-1 to get to the T-34-2, which some people consider awful? That's up to you, I can't really say which is the number one line to grind for anyone in this quick guide.

Gun. Pretty fine

The gun on the Type 58 is a normal 85mm gun. 200 alpha, kinda meh penetration (128mm), nothing much you can say here. Really. Surprisingly, for the rather weird shtick the Chinese have with low gun depression, this thing manages to have seven degrees. Not bad, that can get you into a few places. The reload isn't...bad, but 1800 DPM with this gun is kinda as far as you can get with it, anyway. A lot of other tanks at the same tier have higher DPM, but you're not here to mow down your opponents with your amazingly high DPM or anything. What you're here to do is to cause a mess in the enemy's team. Take sneaky shots and hide behind a decent ridge. Shoot them when they're not looking. This tank rewards pesky gameplay rather well, as I like to call it.

Armor. Situational

The armor isn't even really bad, to be honest. You can definitely get some bounces on the turret, but you shouldn't try to get hit anyway. 980/1040 health is pretty good for a medium tank, and the turret is already getting some of those typical characteristics of the later Chinese tanks. Awkward to pen, slowly decreasing in size...if it weren't for those cupolas at the top. Seriously, whose idea was that? They're well...not easy to hit, but they almost compromise the turret. And if you want to bounce anything on your hull, you're gonna have to angle, and even then the only thing you're gonna bounce is Leopards.

Mobility. Completely fine

While the tank isn't as fast as the Cromwell, it's still perfectly viable and it gets to speed rather quickly. I think I'm starting a trend with the mobility here, as there is literally nothing to talk about. Seriously. I'll just annoy you all and--

Grand finale. Decent tank but doesn't stand out

That's kinda all I can say about it, sorry. Since I'm also running out of time, I can only afford putting up a quick summary here.


  • Decent gun.
  • Quite decent turret.
  • Pretty fast.


  • Doesn't stand out in any way.
  • Pretty mediocre pen.
  • Kinda high exp requirements for the next tier.

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