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T-34-2. The Criminally Underrated Tank, Volume II.

t-34-2 is my love

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What gun do you run?

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  2. The 122mm gun. (9 votes [81.82%])

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A WG employee has told you they're gonna buff the T-34-2 and they want YOU to buff a part of it. What do you buff?

  1. The guns - DPM, dispersion, aim time (really?) (4 votes [36.36%])

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  2. Armor - hull armor, HP... (4 votes [36.36%])

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_Sayaka #1 Posted 04 May 2019 - 01:21 PM


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Well then, hey guys, my name is Hab and this is the T-34-2. This is another criminally underrated tank of the line. People consider it a bad tank, because it doesn't have pen (but the T-44 has the same), or that it misses a lot (though the aim time is really good). But I don't see those problems there.


The T-34-2 is definitely gonna stay in my garage.It brings a unique playstyle thanks to the big gun that I can't get anywhere else in the tier, and I'm really considering getting the T-34-3 after summer since it just looks really hot. Not kidding. Already bought a gold camo for the 34-2 (Fire Sentinel). Just to say, Squirrel's quick opinions of the tanks spurred me on to get them. I also think the 34-2 is better than the 34-1, even though some parts are perhaps a bit worse than the 34-1. So let's start.


Gun. Really interesting

I will only talk about the 122mm. If you want to use the 100mm, get the Type 59/T-44 instead.

The 122mm is a very interesting gun to use. From this point on, the strange shtick of the Chinese meds pops up - a large caliber gun with usually mediocre penetration, a long-ish reload and poor dispersion compensated by the best thing ever on these tanks - the ridiculous aim time. This surprisingly compensates for a lot of bad points with the gun - the dispersion hardly matters when the aim time is so quick. I use the refined gun so that the gun can hit small weakspots much better. Note that the gun is still terrible on move. It doesn't hit anything, and the reload is still kind of mediocre even after the buff, but now it kind of compares to the IS-3's gun reload. It's now actually pretty decent for the fact you have a fairly armored chassis, a huge gun and the good mobility. The mobility is probably why I prefer the 34-2 above the 34-1. But we'll get to that later.

So what do I recommend? I would recommend to not go fully frontline with this thing. The reload is still bad, so you can't brawl effectively, if at all. The gun is much more accurate when you give it a second or two to aim, so preferably having some time on target could be useful, as your dispersion is poor. You shouldn't stay back at all - second line is where I would draw the line with the distance, as the dispersion really shows there. I tend to stay near the front and poke out every time I'm up for shooting someone. You also have five degrees instead of six, which doesn't really show, but I believe it's gonna be quite a bad point once you get to the WZ-120.

Armor. An upgrade

The armor feels just a tiny bit better, and tier-for-tier the turret armor may be a tiny bit worse, but pretty much the same rules apply. Your hull is still unreliable, but now it bounces a tiny bit more. The turret is still quite tough and almost impenetrable, but the cupolas are still not too hard to pen. They're still not too easy to hit, though, so moving a bit before going stationary to fire is ideal. Even the stock turret is fairly tough, but honestly why would you want to play with that one since you have to use the Type 58's gun with it. Your modules are very weirdly placed, though - a lot of the times I get hit my fuel tank gets damaged on the front of the tank.

As an addendum, the armor profile is still fairly low, but your camo rates start dropping like flies soon.

Mobility. Seriously I could omit this part

While I really hate talking about mobility, the mobility on the 34-2 is definitely an upgrade. You still weigh hardly 35 tons, and so your upgraded engine (for 33k experience!!!) gives you a lot more power that you need. Your tank moves just that bit better, and the top speed feels just right for the tank. The traverse is also perfectly fine, but watch that gun when you're turning the tank!
Grand finale. Very nice tank

So this is pretty much how I play and love the tank. It's really good for more experienced players, but I would definitely not recommend the tank to newer players. Experience is key, and so the more skilled you are, I think the more you will appreciate the tank.


  • A very unique tank.
  • Turret is very strong.
  • Moves rather well.
  • Ridiculous aim time.


  • Terrible dispersion.
  • Reload is rather poor.
  • AP isn't too good, but the HEAT compensates for it.

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