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Object 252U. Mate...what?

seriously what is this thing it feels weird

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Poll: Object 252U Extravaganza...and controversy! (9 members have cast votes)

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Do you like the Object 252U?

  1. Yes, I like it. (2 votes [22.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.22%

  2. No, I don't like it. (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  3. I don't even own it mate. (7 votes [77.78%])

    Percentage of vote: 77.78%

Do you think the tank's cost reflects its quality?

  1. Yes, I think you get a good tank for the money. (7 votes [77.78%])

    Percentage of vote: 77.78%

  2. No, I don't think it reflects it well. (2 votes [22.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.22%

On a scale of 1-10, how strong would you rate the tank? 1 is useless, 10 is blatantly overpowered.

  1. 10 (2 votes [22.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.22%

  2. 9 - slightly OP (1 vote [11.11%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.11%

  3. 8 - overcooked (2 votes [22.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.22%

  4. 7 - very good (2 votes [22.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.22%

  5. 6 (1 vote [11.11%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.11%

  6. 5 (1 vote [11.11%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.11%

  7. 4 (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  8. 3 (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  9. 2 (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  10. 1 (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

Do you think the armor profile has well-placed weaknesses?

  1. Yes, I think they're easy to see and well-placed. (5 votes [55.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 55.56%

  2. No, I don't think so. (4 votes [44.44%])

    Percentage of vote: 44.44%

If you were to buff the 252U (Crazy, I know), what would you buff?

  1. Armor - you know... (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  2. Gun - gun handling, reload, etc. (4 votes [40.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 40.00%

  3. Mobility - traverse, top speed... (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  4. I don't think it needs a buff, mate... (6 votes [60.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 60.00%

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HablmetForever #1 Posted 22 May 2019 - 07:00 PM

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Okay...hey guys. My name is Hab and I'm gonna talk to you about the (B)Object 252U. Yes. I have it and now I have over a hundred battles in it, so I believe I can tell you a lot about it. There is also a sort of PC mentality about the 252U. Despite what you may think, I don't consider the tank overpowered. I consider it a bit overcooked, yes, but people jump to conclusions too quickly and they will call you a wallet warrior for no particular reason. You have enough bad points on the tank, although I gotta say right now the armor is just stupid... I'm also gonna throw in some images I was arranging with Hardeth about the armor profile. They have descriptions on imgur.

Gun. Pretty surreal

I still believe and hope that Wargaming made a goof with the 420 alpha on the tank. It makes the tank more capable of high damage shots, indeed. I wouldn't mind if it had only 400 alpha though. You get a *lot* of penetration - about 225mm on your AP, around 260-270 on your APCR and about 68 on your HE. But here's the interesting part - I run calibrated shells. Why? Well...it just about has the worst DPM out of all tier VIII heavies. Not a good start, is it? But before we say the gun isn't fun, note the pen with the calibrated shells is downright insane. About 90% of the shots you fire will go through...that is if you actually hit. Yes. The gun handling is terrible. Even worse than the IS-5's gun handling. But it's fine. This thing has such a stupendous armor profile that if you're further than the second line, you shouldn't probably even be there. With the calibrated shells, you're gonna have quite a hefty amount of HE pen - so something around 5-6 shells of HE is what I'd recommend. You shouldn't run out of ammo anyway.

Armor. Okay here is where I talk a bit more.

The armor is impenetrable when worked right. And here is where the images from me and Hardeth go in. https://imgur.com/a/NFgR9ip
The worst thing about the armor profile is the massive lower glacis, which is weaker than the one on PC. But everything else is still strong. Yes, even the rear armor...I've had a couple of T49s fail to pen it with HEAT. The side armor is also pretty strong. But well...literally every IS tank has strong side armor. It's nothing ridiculous, but it gets a lot of trollish bounces. The front armor is where it gets too good. The upper plates have more armor than the IS-7. Two tiers higher. And this thing has about 430mm of armor there. The lower glacis is about 175mm effective..but that also depends on how you approach an enemy 252U. If you're higher than him, you have a better chance of shooting the cupolas instead. If he is slightly above you, his armor becomes a much harder thing to actually go through. It's pretty ridiculous how many bounces this thing can get that it doesn't deserve. 
What about that turret cheek on the right of its turret, then? That one is also very difficult to actually go through as well. It's pretty insane..this might be the best IS turret in the game excluding the IS-4 turret. The cupolas? They're tiny. Most tanks will have troubles hitting them..or actually going through them too, since they're so small and a bit strong. The armor is probably what caused all this controversy, but people just need to aim or load the prammo...there's so many people firing AP at me thinking they'll go through, but when you consider you can actually block even BL-10s, then this is quite an issue. 
Oh yeah, this is possibly the only IS-tank with a pike where I'd recommend to angle the armor. The upper plates are so strong they won't go through anyway. Sidescraping also works but it's a bit funky.

Mobility. Just fine

Seriously, the mobility is fine. There's nothing to talk about here. Move along.

Grand finale. Is it OP?

What I consider the 252U to be is an up armored IS-5. And it's pretty much true. The armor is silly when worked well. It is also silly when not worked. 

I'd like to start a convo here about the tank and similar offers for powerful tanks that appeared in the store. They're surreal and I want to see your reactions on it. I'll also be making a video addressing these issues.


  • Ridiculous armor profile.
  • Very high pen.
  • 420 alpha.
  • Makes a lot of cash.


  • Terrible gun handling.
  • Poor reload.
  • Mobility is a bit meh, but it's fair for a tank like this.
  • You get called a gold noob for using one. 

josh33841 #2 Posted 27 May 2019 - 09:54 AM


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Hello mate, while I agree it isn't quite the 100% broken monster it claims to be I personally believe it is still blatantly OP. The reason for this is in my opinion the armour profile. I have the IS5 and I would say it's either very good or slightly overcooked how ever it does not have a scratch of armour compared to the OBJ252. For me gun handling isn't a balancing factor due to the reality that your going to up close and personal the majority of the time (its not like any of the IS series is know for its gun handling). The only advantage the IS5 has is mobility, however only by roughly 10kph. 30kph for such a well armoured tank is ridiculous. Think VK100.p or AT15 or T28 these tanks sacrifice speed for armour and gun while the OBJ252 has too much of everything and no real weaknesses. I personally draw the line with armour when in my cent1 using 10deg of gun depression in front of the OBJ252 that i cant pen the pikenose. For comparison I can pen all other pike nose tanks while above them. Recently I have been using the strategy of everyone focus and rush the OBJ252 and while it does eventually kill them , we will have taken massive negative highpoint trades. 

Would like to hear feedback!

romsitsa #3 Posted 27 June 2019 - 08:18 AM

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It’s the “new” IS-6. OP when top tier, pretty poor against meds an tier IX. Side is tricky, but that lower plate is a joke.



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