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General game improvement ideas


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TheUnknown10 #1 Posted 11 July 2019 - 09:39 PM


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I played Blitz for some time and I had like to share my suggestions to improve the game experience. I am about to write a long text so here is a structure of my topics which I will talk about. I am not an English native speaker so I apologize for my mistakes.


1. Suggestion to increase the team/map size
2. Interface (chat and similar)
3. The problem with gold ammunition
4. The toxic players

1.More players - more fun


Recently I tried out the PC version of World of Tanks. For those who didn’t: Each team has 15 players and it feels like the maps are about 4 times as big, so there is far more space. During the creation of the mobile version the performance of the devices were very bad compared to today so it could never run something like that and it would be nonsense just to make a copy of the original. But after 5 years the performance of the devices has significantly increased so why don’t increase the team and the map size a bit? For example increase the team size by 1-3 players and enlarge the maps. I can understand that it would be incredibly much work to enlarge the maps and adjust the accuracy, view range and so on. So how about implementing it step by step, starting with a test map mixed under other maps to analyze if it works and then react on the situation. This would lead to a much better game experience because:


1. It’s less likely that an afk or very bad player would ruin the battle for everyone by not contributing anything for the win.
2. With a bigger team there are more tactical possibilities and a wider variety of play styles and team compositions.
3. Increased importance of spotting, easier for TD’s and everyone else to stay undetected - more possibilities, shooting undetected with a med from a flank is now very hard.

Well, after all it’s a pretty utopian idea so don’t take it very serious.



2.The interface may use some improvements


I started playing Blitz about 4 Years ago on several accounts and here is what I noticed about the chat and clan interface: It has barely changed. And here are the problems with it:

1. The messages of the private chats get instantly deleted after disconnecting from the server. This leads to confusion when u get a reply and forgot what u wrote before closing the game. So please keep it at least a few days. I'm not an IT expert but i am sure messages don't take up much space.

2. Make it possible to post pictures and more importantly - battle replays or at least the screen of the battle results on private and clan chats.

3. The overall interface of the chat and clan profile feels kind of monotonous and oversimplified. 




3.Some changes to gold ammunition.


All the time I was a big hater of the gold ammo and my heart was filled with pride and joy when it was finally nerved. What triggers me now is the usage of gold ammunition beyond the normal battles. So there are tanks with a low profile and very strong rounded turret like the russian and chinese heavies. So even if u pick gold ammunition u can barely penetrate it anyway. But the story changes if we take a look at the german tanks with their huge profile and sparsely angled plates. For example the E-100 - other heavies can barely penetrate his turret with the AP ammunition, but it changes once they load gold. So this makes tanks like E-100, Maus, Jg.Pz.E100 and so on an unreliable choice in tournaments and rating battles. My suggestion is to remove gold ammunition from tournaments and maybe even rating battles, because it will give a much bigger variety of reliable tanks, what leads to a much bigger variety of team compositions and tactics.



4. The toxic kids


I played several multiplayer games and I have to say that World of Tanks Blitz has probably the most toxic playerbase of them all. It has nothing to games like LoL and Minecraft on the servers. I mean I can understand when a good player has the urge to point out that the team did a bad job. But mostly it's the type of players that die in the beginning without contributing something to the win and then keep themselves busy distracting the rest of team from playing. The military honor was probably added to make it better, but now it says says literally nothing about the communicational behaviour. So either you adapt and  get salty yourself or you deactivate the chat to enjoy the game. Maybe some sort of quick reports after the battle and the salty players shall get a temporary ban from the chat - that could make it much better.


Sorry the long text. Maybe I did overdramatized some things anyway it’s just my point of view on it. After all Blitz receives some very good updates and im really glad the tanks are constantly being balanced and the game is receiving good improvements.



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Strummer54 #2 Posted 12 July 2019 - 06:23 AM

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Introduce a bit of democracy into the game. Have an “original” game mode where you can just play 4 lines on the original maps.



Winston_Smith84 #3 Posted 12 July 2019 - 08:42 AM

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I am not sure how having more players will lead there to being 'more fun'. In more likelihood the opposite will happen sadly and there will probably be more trolling and more camping, speaking of which, thats what you'll get with having larger maps.  Also larger maps means more memory which will not be supported by alot of mobile devices.  Wot pc is alot different from Wot blitz for good reason. Noble ideas I grant you but alas some are just not workable here.

Fugit555 #4 Posted 14 July 2019 - 06:43 AM

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Interesting post. WOTB was introduced to be a fast (hence the 'blitz' title) version of the PC game, hence why the 7v7 was the format and the battles lasted 7 minutes. Ok, so over the years WG  introduced PC players into the mix, which was a move that still annoys quite a few players because of the 'advantages' PC players get, especially with the auto-aim/Lock and the ability to super zoom. Blitz was intended as touch game and was introduced in order to capture the smart phone/tablet market, but has evolved since then. To introduce a PC mirror would effectively render blitz obsolete, so whilst i understand your thoughts it would be counter productive.


Of course the PC version has bigger maps, I mean a PC is a far more powerful tool than a phone/tablet, so it allows for better graphics and larger maps. Not only that, WOT has massive teams and with massive teams you need bigger maps of course, because if they were blitz size maps then there would be no space at all! Increasing the map size in blitz comes with the added problem of processing power and other technical stuff that I have no clue about so i won't even try to go there. Needless to say, I think some of the Maps on blitz are far too small, I am thinking Copperfield as a prime example, and should be updated.


With regard to chat, yes it is rather annoying that you lose the private messages when you log off, although clan chat remains unaltered. It is most likely something to do with the amount of spam messages, after all how many messages do you get from players you dont know saying things like 'delete the game'. I am sure you dont want to keep those. Now magnify that by 20k players and whilst keeping chat messages may not take up much space, when there are thousands of messages it all adds up. What you are suggesting is some form of social media type interface whereby 'friends' messages are kept. Maybe that is something WG could consider. As for pictures/replays, that would be a disaster imho. It would be almost impossible to police and all kinds of nasty pictures would be sent leading to massive issues. Replays can however be emailed to friends/clan and even WOTInspector and that is perfectly fine surely?


Gold ammo has always been a bone of contention. However, even in real life tanks carry a variety of ammo from HEAT, HE to APDS to APDS that is fin stabilised, even to uranium enriched. All ammo basically falls into 2 categories; kinetic energy and chemical energy, the latter being the HE/HEAT versions and the former the AP versions. The kinetic energy ammo relies on velocity and thus a standard APDS will have less pen than one that is uranium enriched, because the uranium AP ammo has far greater velocity. This is what WOTB tried to achieve with the Gold Ammo. In the real world the uranium enriched ammo costs substantially more than normal ammo and is only used in certain circumstances. It has better pen and greater damage. What WOTB did was offer better ammo, gold ammo, that actually cost real money in effect, to give that extra punch. This caused concern because it then meant most people prammo spammed, after why use standard Ammo when you can get better damage and better pen with gold? They therefore lowered the damage and left the pen alone, which was a good idea. Your complaint (if I can use that) is that Prammo struggles to pen in some instances yet in other instances pens - this is because of the armour profile not the ammo. The armour profile is not just about thickness of the armour, but also its attributes. A round turret is more likely to deflect a shot (bounce) than a flat one. The E100 you mention is a flat sided, albeit slightly angled, very thick armour turret. It can therefore be penned from certain angles. A round turret, like the Obj 140, is therefore more likely to deflect the shot because the profile not the thickness. Personally I think WG have got the ammo just about right.


As for the toxic chat, yes this is an issue but there is a reporting system that can be used to report the more toxic offenders and they do get chat bans. It isn't a perfect system, but it does work on a basic least amount of cost to WG type system.

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jylpah #5 Posted Today, 06:44 AM

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Mostly NO.


1) Bigger maps + more players could be an interesting experiment/ event, but that’s it. You said yourself what it would mean. The game would become a major campfest when no one dares to be the first one spotted. No thanks.


2) no pictures to chat. Use Discord.


3) Prammo is not a problem. WG fixed it perfectly.


4) WG should introduce an (default) option to disable zombie-chat. It’s the salty dead players who keep up insulting others for their mistakes. 

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Strummer54 #6 Posted Today, 06:55 AM

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Oasis palms used to be a lot bigger before they nerfed it.



ballist1x #7 Posted Today, 07:22 AM

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The 'Sin Bin', if you are a terrible player and have a terrible game - you get thrown into the Sin Bin and cant play another game for 30 minutes.

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