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WZ-120. Eh..?

the 120 isnt that great tbh

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HablmetForever #1 Posted 08 October 2019 - 04:36 PM

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Hey guys, my name is Hab and here is the (not) long-awaited WZ-120 review. The tier IX one, just so we're clear here. No poll this time as I think just saying what you think it needs changed will be enough.

I expected this to be the lowest point of the medium line, and as I finally have the 121 now, I can assure you that this is gonna be the worst the grind will ever get. The stock grind is dreadful and I grinded it from stock, 100%. I don't wish that to anyone else on this planet. But we're gonna be looking at the tank in its top setup. So how does it compare in our typical three areas of interest? Well, let's see...

Gun. A MASSIVE catch

The gun is really nice, I'd say it's even better than the one on the T-34-2, tier for tier. Pen is below average at 220, 280 HEAT is alright and 63 HE is pretty decent. I'd recommend to invest in calibrated shells though I played most of the line with the rammer due to low DPM. That also applies here. The second worst DPM out of all tier IX mediums says something about how low it is...and with calibrated shells it's gonna be around 10 seconds. But the DPM isn't why the line exists. The alpha damage is getting a bit lost in the 350 alpha storm that's starting to brew in this tier, but it still does the job just fine.
Here's the catch though...not many of those things matter thanks to a very, very bad characteristic of the gun. Three degrees of gun depression. Three...that's just not enough for conventional medium play. This made my experience with this tank rather sour, and I wouldn't be surprised if you skipped the tank - I used 90k free xp to skip it, and my clan deputy skipped it entirely! :teethhappy:

This means that using the tank hull down is also very difficult, as most ridges will give you big trouble. Aiming on weakspots if the tank is close to you is also gonna be pretty difficult, which means you can't really use it aggressively. This kills the tank, imo if the gun depression will be buffed to 5 degrees then the tank is gonna be perfectly fine.

Armor. Pretty fine but hampered by the gun

The turret still retains the sturdy factor the previous tanks before it had. It however does feel a bit weaker so I like to say it's a stronger T-54 turret but with the same weakspots. The hull is decently armored but it won't tank anything. It's about 190mm effective on the front, and compared to the 220mm the T-54 has that's a shame. Angling is probably the only way you'll be able to reinforce that plate as the gun depression severely limits your hull down capabilities. A big shame, as the armor would otherwise be pretty respectable'

Mobility. Pretty swift

This is gonna be basically identical to the T-54's mobility. Great traverse numbers, decent terrain resistance and top speed make this a pretty fast tank.

Finale. Eh...
I honestly can't recommend this tank. It doesn't currently fit in any list of good tanks in tier IX and the good things it has going for it are vastly outweighed by the gun depression.


This is probably the least effective tier IX med you can roll out...the T-54 and the E 50 are far better options here. Gun depression is the key to resolving this tank.


The 120 is rarely fun, I more or less suffered through the entire grind before I skipped it. But trust me, the 121 is worth it. I recommend to skip to the top gun first.


Same things apply! If you have an opinion about this review or the tank in general, feel free to share your thoughts.

Mjr_Eazy #2 Posted 09 October 2019 - 05:52 AM

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 Nice review.

I’m working on this line, I knew it was gonna be tough in this one but not just how bad it is, I don’t have the free xp so will stop at the viii until I get the free xp elsewhere...



SfMercenary1312 #3 Posted 09 October 2019 - 07:19 AM

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Going chinese heavy line first also helps a lot. And also if u grind medium line, it helps on heavy line. It's not so painfull to grind , since u can open the 100mm gun on tier 8 heavy. So I suggest, people go first on tier 8 heavy before going tier wz-120 
Also havin engines from heavy line is nice catch on mediums and saves a lot of time and trouble. 

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Also tagged with the, 120, isnt, that, great, tbh

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