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Jagdpanther II. The Huntsman

jpanther ii is pretty good get it

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_HorniNoMajo #1 Posted 16 November 2019 - 12:10 PM


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After a bit more time, we are back in the Emporium of Hab's Monthly Escapades with the Jagdpanther II. I didn't play it for a very long time but seeing it's still as good as I remember it makes me smile. 
Usual stuff - the gun, armor and mobility. Some overall stuff at the end too which should make you consider getting it.

Gun. Packs a punch

The gun is possibly the best part of the tank - 246mm of pen on AP, while it may not be the best for TDs in this tier is more than enough to punch through just about any opposition. 311mm of APCR pen are more than enough to punch through everything you might meet. And those 65mm of HE pen will be useful if you wanna splash something for 600. The biggest point of this gun is the alpha. 460 alpha isn't common in this tier - only the ISU-130, Skorpion G, Borsig and the VK 100 with the 168 have such a gun. Maybe there's more who knows. This coupled with a 9.1s reload with my setup brings us to 3k DPM...that's a very tasty number.

The gun also has a few drawbacks. First, the velocity ain't all that great, which is why I use supercharge instead, that makes it easier for me to hit tanks at a distance. The aiming arc isn't that great either - 10 degrees on each side, which is thankfully still not terrible and makes running a camo net on this thing worth it. The aim time is not too good either but it could be much worse. Coupled with the good dispersion of this tank you'll have a very stable gun platform. The gun depression is also quite funky - 6.5 degrees. That's right, not six or seven, but six and half. That makes it quite an interesting number, as it really feels as if it had seven. If it had more gun depression, it would be definitely broken as the next part shows...




Armor. Hidden gem

The armor may remind you of the Jagdtiger, which also has similar rules with the armor profile. You have a fighting compartment placed in the rear, and it's severely angled. It's almost hilarious how strong it really is. It has about 275mm of effective armor, and when you use that gun depression..it goes to about 350. That's not something a tank can pen at this tier. If it had ten degrees, you could park it behind a ridge and you'd be unstoppable, which is why it probably has this funky number and not ten degrees of gun depression. The front compartment is a whole different story, because quite frankly it's garbage. The front of it has about 150mm of armor, which won't save you and the lower plate is only 115mm, which is just terrible. So the rules of the armor are to keep the lower superstructure hidden at all times, and you'll be grand. 




Mobility. Pretty swift

For the fact that this isn't a very light TD, it moves very well. 55 kph as a top speed is very respectable and while the 12 kph of reverse speed won't save you, it's enough. The traverse is also quite decent at 52 degrees.




Finale. A great TD

In the end, I highly recommend this tank to any seasoned player that doesn't have a Jagdtiger, as this is a really nice tank. Hide the hull, don't expose the weak sides and you'll have a fun time. It's also very flexible and the gun sings really well.


This is by far my favorite tier 8 TD. The Borsig doesn't have that mobility I need and I don't have the Skorpion in return, so if you don't have a whole lot of money like me then this is a nice tank to have.


Okay, it's really fun to play agressively... it dishes out damage like a certain hitman would toss knives and plates. Tanks a lot of damage if you're lucky and you can always relocate. This is a hard tank to give up for me.


(totally not stolen from Oxy on Youtube)

I'd also say to keep it and the Jagdtiger as both of these tanks are really great at what they do.


No poll this time, my imagination is running short and I'm currently not really well on time. So you can post your opinions in the replies below..lol.

Mjr_Eazy #2 Posted 16 November 2019 - 12:45 PM

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Totally agree, I really like this tank too, took a while for it to grow me on but once 100% crew, fully upgraded and equipped it is brilliant fun...

It looks especially natty in the Pink camo as all Panthers must be pink :)

Oh and in Uprising it was brilliant, OP even!



Black_Wolf_Ja #3 Posted 16 November 2019 - 11:21 PM


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The best tank of the line in my opinion, great gun, mobility, armor, camo! super funny to play too!

Also as a Panther 2 hull you can angle and you might bounce something off the upper plate against lower tier tanks

Also make a topic about the St.Emil too, i have some buffs for the tank to propose, but i think that if i made a new topic it would get merged with something else.

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