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The M6A2E1

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Hxvoc_ #1 Posted 10 February 2020 - 04:51 AM


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Hi, its TheEpicProScoper.


(Regarding my last two posts, that was just my opinion regarding those two topics.)


Today we will move on to the M6A2E1, the younger brother of the M6A2E1 EXP. 


LOVE this tank and i have never regretted getting it from the store for 5100-5200 gold (unsure of the price). Its armour is amazing, the gun has high penetration and the turret has only one major weak spot that can be dealt with. So lets start with the statistics.


The M6A2E1 has:


Gun: 105mm T1E1E 

Alpha Dmg: 310

Penetration Values:

AP: 198mm

APCR: 245mm

HE: 53mm

Reload: 11.13 seconds

Damage Per Minute: 1,666

Aiming Time: 5.7

Dispersion (a/100m): 0.397

Depression/Elevation: 10/20 (Depression angle first)


Engine: Wright G200 M7A1C9GC5

Power: 1.084.8

Chance of fire (%) 20

Top Speed:

Forward: 29

Reverse: 10

Average Speed (kl/h): 29

Power To Weight Ratio: 16.97 (if i'm correct)

Hull Traverse Speed: 28.27


Turret: M6A2E1D4

Weight: 66.96

HitPoints: 1.300

Main Armour, mm:

Front: 191

Sides: 89

Back: 208

Turret Traverse Speed: 29.87

View Range: 253.2


Tracks: Suspension M6A2E1HVSS

Weight: 66.96

Terrain Crossing Capacity:

Road: 93

Ground: 71

Water: 50


Those are the statistics of the M6A2E1, now lets put it into a battle situation. Imagine you are facing two IS tanks. They are aiming for your turret cheeks because thats your frontal weak spot, what to do?


Start traversing your turret, the traverse speed makes it easy to traverse it fast enough to block shots. You might take one from an IS, but if they are both on a seperate reload, its much more easier. Block their shots and destroy them. Easy 2,600 damage.


Things become more difficult if an experienced player aims for the other side of the cheeks you arent angling. What to do then is simple. You decrease the amount of degrees you traverse your turret by or start hull dancing. Thatll make it even harder.


When facing medium or light tanks, they can easily circle you, so you do the obvious thing of turn back right? No, if its one medium or light and they are HE pennable, rush to where you can HE pen them and shoot them, or use AP and go head on, carrying on shaking your turret blocking shots. If there are multiple of these tanks, take an offensive position anf make sure any allies going with you don't die in order for the mediums or lights to circle you.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. (I think this is my longest post yet)



Mjr_Eazy #2 Posted 15 February 2020 - 06:45 PM

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Hy, nice post, I dont have it but have the EXP and same is true of it’s turret, those big cheeks are so easy to pen...

I’d suggest for any future posts don’t bother posting the stats unless you’re making specific points about them, saves you time posting and the reader reading it as it’s doesn’t add anything just quoting stats, we can see them in game, on blitzstars or blitzhangar...



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