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New TOURNAMENT formats: Suggestions

tournament format suggestion

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Duggage_Hu #1 Posted 13 February 2020 - 08:56 AM


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I have played in a few tournaments and watched many.

I suggest that from time to time there could be tournaments with different formats to add variety and interest.

1. ODD-TIER tournaments: Tournaments consisting of tanks from ONLY tiers V, VII, or IX.

Question: Is your favorite tank in an odd-numbered tier?

Another question: What would your teammates say if you chose a low-tier tank in a two-tier tournament?

Yet another question: How many low-tier tanks actually appear in the current two-tier tournament format?

I suggest that there be tournaments for tanks from only the odd tiers, so that those tanks can be played without handicapping their teams.

2. COMPOSITION tournaments: Each team consists of a certain number of the 4 tank classifications,

Lights, Mediums, Heavies, and TDs. Examples:

All teams must consist of Lx1, Mx4, Hx1, Dx1.

All teams must consist of Lx2, Mx3, Hx2.

OR: All teams must conform to one of these formats: [list follows].

3. TECH-TREE ONLY tournaments: No collector or premium tanks allowed.


4. HISTORICAL tournaments: Players choose from a list of AFVs that actually appeared in battle at certain times and places.


Early World War 2, 1940-41: Pz IV, T-34, Crusader,.... [More research needed! :-)]

Other possibilities could be North Africa 1941-42, general mid-war (1942-43), Operation Citadel (Kursk) 1943, Western Front 1944, Korean War 1950-53, Cold War (1950s, 1960s), etc.

The time periods and tank lists should be chosen for balance.

It's not necessary to do ALL of these, but it would be interesting to try a couple of them. What do you think?

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O_o__O_o__O_o #2 Posted 13 February 2020 - 10:07 AM


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Yes i like all of the them sadly no one at WG cares

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