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Why I believe that Random battles MM is the best it can be and cannot be made fairer, better ect.

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jylpah #41 Posted 01 July 2020 - 05:33 PM

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View Postgallabru, on 01 July 2020 - 07:16 PM, said:

Jylpah could you explain us what the 0-1... results are ?


A loss, the reds had one player left.


View Postgallabru, on 01 July 2020 - 07:16 PM, said:

If we discard draws, supremacy (strong approximation) and last second suicide (7-7), battle results should be N-7 (N=0:6). Then 'steamrolls' should account for 1/7 (counting red crushing just double all numbers) of the results, i.e. 14%. If we assume that supremacy accounts for half the battles and that steamrolls never happen in supremacy (strong approximation again) then 7-0 could account for 7% of the battle results.

At the other end of the statistical spectrum, we could assume that a there are more 4-7 than 14% of the games because there are many ways to get 4 deads. Then one N-7 result can happen 7!/N!(7-N)! times. For N=0, this is 1 again but the number of possible battle result amounts to 114. So, 0.8 % of steamrolls.


Simple(ton) maths for purely random results. But, obviously, we are hoping to have an impact on the result (good or bad) otherwise why play ?


You are interpreting the numbers other way than intended (the numbers denote the number of remaining players per team).


If I understood you correctly you are assuming that each (atomic) outcome (0-5, 0-3) are equally probable and then you are using combinatorics to calculate the probabilities, right (like calculating the probabilities for a sum of several dices)? Your steamroller estimate 0.8% is far from the real data so maybe the assumptions do not hold?

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Jukkis74 #42 Posted 01 July 2020 - 06:06 PM

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Building a simulator that achieves close to observed results could be instructive. Will think about this a bit. On first thought, the simulator should reflect that 1) more guns left is better, 2) more dmg sinks left is better. My gut feeling is that ~10% steamrolls could be achieved with quite reasonable abstractions.

gallabru #43 Posted 01 July 2020 - 06:42 PM

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@Jylpah, thanks. So my numbers are just 7 minus yours.

I am proposing two boundaries : between 0.8% and 14% depending on whether we must consider all combinations yielding one result or that all total results are equiprobable. That can be weighted by the considered players' wr but if 7-0 is as annoying as 0-7 then it will be compensated.
Obviously, my assumption is also that I consider only random battles with an outcome (win ot lose) so that a team has 0 players left.

Finally, I would not trust my calculations as being more representative of the game than your analysis, hence my before last sentence. 

Sidenote : replays contain also the evolution of the game. It could be possible to correlate the battle results with the time at which the first player dies or anything else.

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