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T-62's 115mm smoothbore isn't THAT farfetched

T-62A T-62 Tier X

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Orange_Havoc #1 Posted 09 September 2020 - 07:42 PM


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115mm U-5TS
6.75 rounds per minute, 8.89s reload (Well in line with the actual performance of the gun)
0.345 accuracy (Same as M48) and 2s aimtime (You won't feel it with T-62A's gunhandling)

260mm APCR pen and 1600m/s shell velocity
330mm HEAT pen and 1000m/s shell velocity
60mm HE, nobody really cares, 1000m/s I guess

400 alpha for APCR and 2700 base DPM (100 less DPM than most tier 10 meds)
350 alpha for HEAT and 2362.5 base DPM (Roughly 50 less DPM than most tier 10 meds)

490 alpha for HE and 3307.5 base DPM (On the high end, but this hardly matters)

All stats are for a fully trained crew with no provisions or equipment


Based on my research into tier 10 mediums and their gun performance, this isn't actually that overpowered even as it has no direct equivalent.
The only big change from its actual performance was reducing its penetration massively.

I gave it 120mm alpha as this gives it sensible DPM at its correct rate of fire range. Although low for a tier 10 medium, but the mobility should more than make up for it

Source: Zaloga, Steven (1984). Modern Soviet Combat Tanks. London: Osprey. p. 15.

 U-5TS is limited to a rate-of-fire of 6-10 shots per minute due to little room for the loader to perform his activity. Experienced loaders were capable of reloading the gun in 6 seconds


Although increasing the rate of fire while lowering damage for standard ammo by 30, but then what's the point of using it when STB-1 will be better in almost every way?
With these stats it sits between 105mm guns and the Chinese 122mm with its increased damage over all non-tier 10 122s


This gun would make T-62A the midrange hull down sniper medium WG has been trying to make it into, but nobody plays it like that as the tank is far better at making Obj.140 completely obsolete.
Which leads me into just making T-62A into T-62 by replacing its 100mm. This would make Obj.140 a relevant tank again as it would be the only really high DPM medium with a lower than average alpha, while the now T-62 would play more like tanks like STB-1 and M48 if they had a 120mm gun.

In the end, most tier 10 mediums could outbrawl T-62 forcing it to try and out trade them by using its gundepression and strong turret not unlike T-34-2 with the 122mm (minus gundepression lol)

Really though, there is no reason to pick Obj.140 over T-62A in the current state of the T-62A

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