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AMX 50 B. Jolly Goodness

yea its pretty good

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_Hab #1 Posted 17 October 2020 - 11:09 PM

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Hey guys, my name is Hab and this is the AMX 50 B. Yeah, I'm late with this one, I don't care :). I have it for almost a year now, and while it had a rocky start, I've grown to quite adore the tank. In fact, this is my favorite tier X heavy, which may be a bit surprising, as it doesn't exactly have the qualities a normal heavy tank would have. But there's a few reasons regardless. So let's start with the biggest one.


The gun. Oh yeah baby I'm feeling it

The gun, without any better way to explain it, is great. With the setup I have, I have 0.299 dispersion, and that's without a refined gun. 270/357/72 also isn't bad for pen numbers. Use calibrated shells btw. 

I haven't really had a problem with the gun on the previous tank, the 50 120, however. What I always had a problem with was the gun depression and elevation, which are thankfully fixed on the 50 B. You get ten degrees of gun depression and twelve of elevation. Yeah, the elevation still isn't great, but it won't happen too much that you'll have to fire on someone who has the higher ground. The reload is shorter (18.38s with my setup), which is also pretty neat. Overall, this is a gun that won't disappoint, as long as you don't camp all the time.



The armor. Surprisingly surprising

Some people say the 50 B has garbage armor, and I'd say they're half correct on that assumption. The 50 B has all of its armor concentrated on the frontal hull, which, fun fact, is actually more of a pikenose. It's easily one of the best in the game - it has no massive weakspots and it will bounce 90% of the tanks in the tier. However, they don't really need to aim there. There's a fairly large weakspot - yeah, I'm talking about the turret. It's much more armored than the 50 120, but it's still not really reliable. The armor values on the turret vary from 140-240mm, which isn't good for a tank at this tier. This is some FV4202 territory. However, I have one tip to make the turret slightly less miserable. When you're reloading, angle the turret upwards. Yes, it reveals the inner sleeve of the oscillating turret, and the brace of the turret stays still, but the rest goes up, and that gets angled away from the enemy, meaning that a player in a rush or without the knowledge of your armor profile will bounce more, as the upper part of the turret goes from that 240 to 240-350. You know, that ain't bad. 

Unfortunately, that's the only trick I can give you with this armor profile. It has horrible side and rear armor, so you can't sidescrape, and even poking from behind a corner is gonna get you shot. There's also the frontal armor triangles with 110mm of effective armor, which aren't good either, but not that many people aim at those.



The mobility. Sweet

The 50 B is pretty swift. Not so great with the traverse numbers, but it gets to speed very quickly, and it stays mobile far better than the IS-7 with its similar mobility numbers. That means it's also pretty alright with ramming.



The finale. Neat tank

Yeah, this one is absolutely worth the grind. It has its quirks, but with some clever tricks and placement, you can overcome most of them.



This is probably one of the most effective tanks in the tier, when used properly, at least. Proper drum damage, great penetration and more allow you to wreak havoc among the enemies, while still being able to scoot away without many issues. Of course, this isn't a tank for everyone, some people may prefer the T57 Heavy, which I still didn't get.


FUN RATING: 7.5/10

It's fun.

O_o__O_o__O_o #2 Posted 17 October 2020 - 11:53 PM

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great simple review
i also like 50b

noobeater9000 #3 Posted 19 October 2020 - 09:43 PM


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Concerning the armor, I can also give another tip: There is indeed a way to peak safely, or at least to bait shots reliably, which makes the AMXs armor much better than the T57s. _HAB already pointed out the strong pike nose - if u manage to peak frontally in a way that your inner track wheel is still hidden and only at max the side of your turret shows, the enemy will often try to shoot your insanely small lower plate or bounce on the turret side, which often appears grey while being too angled to be penetrated. Therefore I see the biggest strength of the AMX in cities or near high cover, while it is easily penetrated in hull down positions where it also struggles to find safe spots to reload.

Also tagged with yea, its, pretty, good

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