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Blitz EU Cup 2020: Your team-by-team guide

eSports LGN LOCA EG- RA1D Blitz Cup Tournaments

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Wildoneshelper #1 Posted 17 November 2020 - 05:41 PM


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EU server is the most competitive server in the game. It is also possibly the only server where every clan has a solid chance of claiming the top spot. Blitz EU Cup will be held on 20-21 November and we are going to see exciting and tactical matches. You should not miss this obviously! The top 4 teams are LGN, LOCA, EG- and RA1D.




LGN boasts a star-studded team. You have Whoopzie being the leader of the team while you have the likes of object3 and Juicy in the team. You also have veterans with Zird and Tomas, and old team members Engy and Eggy. Basically, LGN houses the most experienced players in CW and they were ranked no. 1 in Blitz Cup Preliminaries. They started out slow, but the last two fixtures they have shown us to be the contenders of this region, with their streamlined gameplay and strong focus fire. In the beginning, they can play broadly, but usually that descends into a tight group very quickly when they know the weakness of the enemies and kill off the isolated tanks. Whether or not a new tight formation can be created in the battle would decide the fate of LGN in Blitz Cup.


Top 5 games:

  1. LGN vs. LOCA (6th game) (Alpenstadt) (Streamed by Amaunet85)

First, LGN chipped away a massive chunk of HP away from LOCA. Although they do not have a cap lead, they further extended their HP lead with their positioning, catching exposed LOCA’s forces and mistakes. After that, they steadily grouped together and focused down the remaining isolated tanks, while LOCA tried really hard to retain a cap advantage.

  1. LGN vs. LOCA (3rd game) (Fort Despair) (Streamed by Amaunet85)

LGN read well in this game. As soon as they know LOCA’s forces were separated, with two of those near C and the rest grouped near AB. LGN did not hesitate and make a good push to LOCA’s forces, wiping out AMX 50 B at the start and further isolating the T110E5. LOCA were cursed with a relatively immobile lineup and that allowed LGN to get the tank advantage pretty quickly. LOCA could do little to salvage a well-read game from LGN.

  1. LGN vs. EG- (2nd game) (Faust) (Streamed by Amaunet85 and 3very)
  2. LGN vs. IMM0R (5th game) (Rockfield) (Streamed by Amaunet85)
  3. LGN vs. EG- (3rd game) (Winter Malinovka) (Streamed by Amaunet85 and 3very)




LOCA houses a relatively newly assembled team, but they are all veteran players and they demonstrate immense teamwork and skill. They have the micro details ironed out so well that helped me massively in disadvantaged situations: they trade hit points well by putting low hit point tanks behind and high hit point tanks in front; prioritise tanks to hunt down first during focus fire; and much more. They are also like other teams, that they will push if they find isolated tanks even though if they might come into crossfire. Don’t forget LOCA loves to take fringe tanks and work them to their full potential! Will a team that excels in micro details be the recipe for getting the no. 1 spot in Blitz EU Cup?


Top 5 games:

  1. LOCA vs. RA1D (5th game) (Rockfield) (Streamed by Wildoneshelper and R1B)

RA1D has always been pretty aggressive over the C side on Rockfield. Their aggression can catch teams offguard, but LOCA made the perfect counter here. They held a flank well with heavy tanks while rotating some tanks left of them to pincer RA1D’s forces. The pincer movement worked even better when LOCA made perfect focus fire and RA1D were just not able to handle the onslaught.

  1. LOCA vs. IMM0R (3rd game) (Winter Malinovka) (Streamed by Wildoneshelper)

LOCA had an initial advantage by punishing the Vickers Light on the enemy team at the start but they were behind on caps, and losing a lot of hit points later on. This seemed to be an uphill battle for LOCA. They tried to make a push but it wasn’t perfect, allowing IMM0R to make a counter push and try to shut down the left behind tanks of LOCA. However, LOCA were quick to react to save those tanks. While those left behind tanks were defending, they held as long as they could, bouncing several crucial shots, and there from the angle you could see how well LOCA were sharing hit points even if LOCA had a massive hit point disadvantage. The coordination and communication between the tanks were simply beautiful to watch, and gave LOCA an unlikely win.

  1. LOCA vs. EG- (3rd game) (Mayan Ruins) (Streamed by 3very)
  2. LOCA vs. RA1D (6th game) (Rockfield) (Streamed by Wildoneshelper and R1B)
  3. LOCA vs. LGN (1st game) (Castilla) (Streamed by Amaunet85)




EG- houses the best players on the EU server. Their shot effectiveness is high on a good day in the office. Their best games have come from either finding the weakness of the enemies and removing the isolated tank, or genius play with bases. Once again, they started out really slow, but have exponentially improved. With 1 month of practice, who knows how good EG- could become during Blitz Cup? Or will they be able to pick the exceptional form they had against -W1N- and go all the way?


Top 5 games:

  1. EG- vs. -W1N- (3rd game) (Oasis Palms) (Streamed by 3very and Fugit’s Blitz)

EG- played broad and made use of the entire map to retrieve information from the other team. They made use of cover and their individual skills shone in this match. -W1N- were caught frail on all sides and EG- were able to march in with confidence with good focus fire and the allocation of tanks over the map.

  1. EG- vs. -W1N- (1st game) (Vineyards) (Streamed by 3very and Fugit’s Blitz)

This is a classic example of EG- making use of the caps while being aggressive at the end of the match. If shutting down isolated tanks of -W1N- wasn’t enough to secure EG-‘s victory, it would be EG- having captured two bases in the end that sealed the deal for them. It was an expert use of both rotation and cap pressure strategies. This would be the EG- team everyone is afraid of.

  1. EG- vs. RA1D (5th game) (Desert Sands) (Streamed by 3very and R1B)
  2. EG- vs. APA (2nd game) (Castilla) (Streamed by 3very)
  3. EG- vs. S0ULS (4th game) (Black Goldville) (Streamed by 3very)




RA1D are back with a relatively different team. They have a mix of old players that won them Twister back in 2018 (S1K, JP, Tobi, Blaster, Drizzel) and they also have an influx of new players, most notably Nahro_Assass1n and MoneyDude. They are possibly the most tactical team out of the top 4 here, with out-of-the-box initial strategies to well-coordinated pushes and focus fire. Since they are mostly German, they have an advantage in communication and some games show they have this edge over the others. Whether they could continue to be tactically adept would require all members to be at the top form, because individual mistakes can happen and can cost them games.


Top 5 games:

  1. RA1D vs. LOCA (3rd game) (Black Goldville) (Streamed by Wildoneshelper and R1B)

This is possibly the most tactical game I’ve ever seen in Blitz Cup Preliminaries. RA1D sent the Vickers Light to capture C while there are 4 T110E5 spawn baiting and aiming their guns at the open area where tanks of the enemy team could pass shall they take a route to city. That didn’t happen but the next thing RA1D did is to stay passive and tried to obtain information from the Vickers Light. Once an isolated tank of LOCA was spotted very far at the front. RA1D did not hesitate to remove the tank quickly and the movement and focus fire ultimately won RA1D the game.

  1. RA1D vs. IMM0R (3rd game) (Oasis Palms) (Streamed by R1B)

RA1D gave us a masterclass in balancing rushing and cap strategies. At first, they tried to gain a foothold in the desert while chipping away the hit points of IMM0R out in the open. That gave them a comfortable lead, but they did not sit too comfortably. In the late-game stage, IMM0R made a brave call to remove the T110E5 hull down near B. That could have won IMM0R the game albeit in a cap disadvantage, but RA1D reacted immediately by sending tanks to capture both A and B, getting all the bases, while trying to make use of the reactive armour of T110E5 to buy time, and in the end obtaining 3 caps proved to be too much for IMM0R.

  1. RA1D vs. APA (4th game) (Winter Malinovka) (Streamed by R1B)
  2. RA1D vs. S0ULS (4th game) (Port Bay) (Streamed by R1B)
  3. RA1D vs. LGN (4th game) (Mayan Ruins) (Streamed by Amaunet85)




I will always put a disclaimer that these matches happened more than a month ago, so the teams had a lot of time to train and hone up their strategies and teamwork. In fact, I am expecting to see a completely different scene here, with teams defying their usual expectations and doing something unanticipated.

This is also why I will put a second disclaimer here, because the performance of these four teams will be heavily dependent whether they have good form or not. This is why the prediction will break down into two parts: reasons why one team can finish 1st and reasons why one team can finish 4th.

Let’s talk about LGN.

LGN is hard to predict, because their first half in the Blitz Cup Preliminaries was not very promising in a lot of respects. They played really broad formations and often these resulted in isolated tanks in positions that the teammates were unable to help. In fact, some of the wins really came from the enemies with a lack of focus fire and poor target priority. Then, you also saw LGN making some blind rushes which did not fully work unless the enemies positioned themselves in such a way that countering these rushes proved to be difficult. I was really worried for LGN for this because if they had this play style during Blitz Cup, they could be heavily punished, especially when we are talking about top 4 teams, where they are well-equipped with initial rushes, and they will streamline the formation to cancel any isolated tanks.

However, LGN showed really bright prospects with their games against LOCA. They played a lot better with obtaining information, and that provided LGN great insight in where and how to rush the enemies. Their focus fire is also consistent and they could improve further with adequate training sessions. Shall LGN play with information war, I could see LGN being the top clan on the EU server because they showed us they can excel with this strategy. Besides, playing broad is not always a disadvantage. It comes with 2 main advantages: first you can get more information about where the enemy tanks are positioned and you could attempt to play with numbers so that you have a controlled number disadvantage on one side that buys enough time for the other side to make a push to clear the tanks out more quickly than the enemies; second when it comes to shutting down a rush, the tanks at different angles can not only provide lines for cross fire, but they could also contract quickly to pincer the rushing tanks. We’ve seen several times that LGN won with a very quick contraction from a broad play and pincered the rushing tanks effectively. If LGN is able to connect with one another more and able to contract their forces rapidly, LGN can be a tough opponent to beat.

LOCA has been the most consistent team in Blitz Cup Preliminaries and they showed a lot of promise there. However, at times they could lose some unnecessary hit points and their defensive formation could also be a problem too. They are really good with focus fire priority and that is important because they can get an advantage with the tanks left on the battlefield while the enemies are unable to make use of the advantages the surviving tanks bring. However, this could present a problem that LOCA sometimes leave tanks which are under heavy focus fire alive to deal with the more dangerous tanks. At times, LOCA unintentionally lost the tank advantage and appeared not to have good focus fire.

Yet, LOCA is the best team with micro details for shielding and hit point pool sharing. Their tanks connect with one another well. They do not panic when they are under hit point pool disadvantage. Battles after battles they showed us they can wiggle and bounce important shots, they can form a tight squadron for focus fire, and they will also try to play for cap pressure as well. LOCA has at times shown genius ideas with the caps and kills, and I believe if they hone up their strategical thinking and movement, LOCA will be a strong contender for the first place.

EG- has the most skilled players on the entire server. Those players can hold off in a 1v1 if not 1v2 situation. Their stats in random matches says everything about the high level of skills of these players. However, they probably have the weakest focus fire, and that unfortunately exacerbated their problems with the formation, allowing enemies to focus down tanks relatively easily. There is a lot to improve within a month and I also believe we haven’t seen the best of EG- yet. In fact, they will be the EG- we know for instance against -W1N-, where they are able to pick off isolated tanks and communicate together well.

This is what I am expecting from EG-. It is similar to LGN. They can play really broadly, but that gives those 2 advantages I mentioned above. Their focus fire can be much better. They can also be ambitious in shutting down isolated tanks. What’s even better, they know how to play with cap pressure. This is what we saw in the Summer Season, and EG- may be saving cap pressure strategies until the very last moment. There is simply a lot left to be desired for EG-‘s performance in the Blitz Cup Preliminaries, but they will surprise us with a totally different team, a well-coordinated team, a team that is tough to break down. EG- can very well challenge the top too.

And then finally RA1D. RA1D also struggled on their way to the top 4. In numerous moments they showed very dominant plays and prospects. However, contrary to EG-, it will be their personal skills that is hurting them. There are quite a lot of crucial shots unable to penetrate the enemy’s tanks, and often these cost them the games even if they have good coordination and focus fire. They also sometimes have miscommunication within the team, which means at times the focus fire and the support from a rush or an enemy rush could leave much to be desired.

However, RA1D is the most strategical team we have seen so far. They surprised us with initial strategies that you will not have thought of. They surprised us with their unusual way of pushing the enemies out, but to our surprise, these pushes were often well-coordinated and well-supported. Don’t forget RA1D stepped up massively back in Blitz Summer Tournaments, when they were struggling in the group stage and triumphed in the knockout stage. Same could well happen in Blitz EU Cup. They need to be on top of their game in strategical thinking and communicating these strategies to the teammates. RA1D could also challenge for the first place.

This sums up a very intense and unpredictable Blitz EU Cup. If any one of the clans show the mistakes they have shown back in Blitz Cup Preliminaries, they will undoubtedly finish fourth. If every clan can show us the best form, I will also have a different ranking. In the end, my final ranking is based on the fact that LOCA were consistent and dominant against clans outside top 4, while the other ranking factored in the number of promising moments I have seen. It is a very difficult decision to make but I genuinely believe every clan in top 4 has a solid chance in taking home the 1st place.


If-everyone-plays-well prediction:

  1. LGN
  2. EG-
  3. LOCA
  4. RA1D


Final prediction:

  1. LOCA
  2. RA1D
  3. LGN
  4. EG-

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