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Suggestion to WOTB Developers: Legendary Camo for AMX 30 B

Suggestion Camo for AMX 30B

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Typhoon_Ivan #1 Posted 21 November 2020 - 01:11 PM


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I feel that a Legendary Camouflage for the AMX 30 B is long over due as this tank is a Premium Tier X Collector's Tank and have tried many times to suggest this officially to Wargamming but seem to have met a lot of resistance in getting this suggestion over to the WOTB Development Team who are in charge of making new Legendary Camouflage for the game's new, current, and existing line of tanks.  There is no reason why there should not be a Legendary Camo for this tank...especially since there are already two AMX 30 Premium Collector Tanks in the game for Tier IX as well as Tier X but I want to focus more on the Tier X, AMX 30 B Tank in particular.  I think that this potential camouflage should be whatever the game developers decide, "EXCEPT", that the name of the camouflage should be called "Legionnaire" because I feel that the AMX 30 B Tank embodies the fighting spirit of the French Foreign Legion...it's fast, versatile, maneuverable, and hits hard...just like the French Foreign Legion.  Furthermore, this new potential Legendary Camouflage should have emblems and/or a picture of the French Foreign Legion Flag on the side of the turret as well as the front of the tank.  I leave the rest of this idea up to the Game Developers to decide on and to finally exonerate this tank and give it this type of "fitting" camouflage that it so long deserves.  My personal thanks and compliments to Juan over at World of Tanks Blitz Support Team who directed me to this site and were to go for further suggestions about this wonderful game.

Cause I feel that the AMX 30B embodies the spirit of the French Foreign Legion...its fast, light, versatile, and hits hard just like the French Foreign Legion. Furthermore, this camouflage should have emblems of the French Foreign Legion Flag on the side of the Turret as well as the front of the tank. I leave the rest up to you: "Game Developers", to exonerate and give this tank the credit it long has deserved which by now is also long overdue...

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