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121B: The most mediocre of Meds?

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Battousai1000 #1 Posted 23 November 2021 - 11:14 AM


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I have this tank on another acct, and with ~200 battles am averaging 54% with 2500 avg dmg.  60%+ on all other tier 10s.


What is it with this tank that makes it so bad? 


My thinking is that it tries way too hard to be right in the "middle" of the Medium tanks range.  Medium everything: armor, speed, gun dispersion, alpha, dpm, traverse values.  Well the thing is, this doesnt make the tank good for everything.  It just makes it bad at all of them. 


The gun dispersion combined with turret traverse/hull traverse make it so taking accurate long shots requires you to freeze in place instantly(not angling armor), and get penned when you are spotted with your mediocre camo.  Angling causes dispersion bloom, and you miss the shot.


You're a slow turtle with [edited] for power2weight, so you can't run from bad engagements.


The armor, while thicker than a t62a, is at a flatter angle and seems to perform worse than the t62(especially in brawl situations where the extra traverse speeds give the t62a a huge advantage).


The 350 alpha on the 121b is COMPLETELY not worth the accuracy trade-off.  It trolls worse than its Chinese tech tree 122mm counterpart(which has 420 alpha!), with SIMILAR dispersion values.  This is what really breaks the tank for me: the inaccurate gun with low alpha.


So in the end, what you get is a tank that cannot excel at anything, but ends up doing badly in all situations as a result of not having "enough" for any given situation.


Maybe I'm just bad with this tank.  What are your guys thoughts?

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O_o__O_o__O_o #2 Posted 23 November 2021 - 11:39 AM

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i think its great just because its average in everything :)

armor works better than t62a for me and gun has same dispersion 

mobility is just a little worse but not much


compared to T22 its miles better 

T22 has worse mobility,dispersion and aim time

all you get with that "OP" poo is a chance to bounce and yet people pay 20k+ for it :D


for the price 121b is great tank and while its not OP in anything it can work in many situations

also its one of my top tanks on par with my e100 and just slightly less than 73% 5a :)

Screenshot 2021-11-23 133325.png


but i like versatile/average in everything tanks which for rest means BAD soo no surprise i like it (same can be said for 5a ) :)


Endtastic #3 Posted 23 November 2021 - 04:45 PM

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Guys is it that hard not to create every single topic in the gameplay section? 




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